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Save Soil Movement Ideas


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Engage people to eat organic products and value what they eat.

For people to take care of and conserve the soil, we first have to change the value of its product: food in all its forms. Learn to savor it, enjoy it and understand that it is a non-negotiable in our lives and the lives of our future children.
Guest 3 months ago in Social Media 1

Spread the knowledge about effective microorganisms

Spread the word about effective microorganisms. They can be used by everyone from farmers with large areas of land to private individuals at home.They are easy and cheap to produce in home conditions from bio waste.Large agricultural organizations...
Guest 5 months ago in Social Media 2

Tiktok challenges for youth generation

To talk about soil in Tiktok in playful way for teenagers.
Daria Leonova 5 months ago in Social Media 0

Youtube plays save-soil message before every video on a special date

As we know large % of world population watch YouTube
Phaneendra N 3 months ago in Social Media 0

Trending hashtag CONSCIOUS PLANET on twitter.:)

No description provided
Dominik Kocevar 5 months ago in Social Media 2

Save Soil placards on fruits/vegetable carts and super markets

Fruits / Vegetable carts moving around in the city can be a good marketing to reach the message to localities. We can add per fruit message, eg. ‘Save Soil, do it for the oranges’
Lokesh Kumar 2 months ago in Social Media 0

promotion on search engines like Ecosia

Ecosia is a search engine planting trees. 100% of Ecosia’s profits go towards climate action, with 80% directly into tree planting and the rest into green investments like solar farms. maybe they would be up for promoting it, or if considering to ...
Sonya 6 months ago in Social Media 1

Save soil song should be available for setting caller tune

Caller will listen this song. And as this song is very unique and catchy, caller may have some interest in knowing more about it. Song should be available from starting lines in sadhguru's voice.
Guest 2 months ago in Social Media 2

Reaching out to admins of meme pages with considerable following.

Since most of the current generation spends considerable time on memes and in a way gets to know about various events and happenings in the world through meme itself. It'd be easy to pass information related to this campaign to this generation and...
Guest 3 months ago in Social Media 0

Twitter Lists for easy access of CP tweets

Namaskaram, I find that I am able to access all Conscious Planet tweets easily on Twitter by creating a List on Twitter with @cpsavesoil as member and pinning it. This way it shows up as a menu in the homepage and when selecting this menu menu opt...
Guest 20 days ago in Social Media 0