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Gardening / Farming should be included in school curriculam

Children should learn to grow their own food , so that no matter what happens , their survival is met. Food can be grown in the smallest of spaces with the right soil. What could be a bigger lesson for a child than seeing his/her own efforts come ...
Guest 12 months ago in Public Engagement 8
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Raise the voices of farming groups

if we were able to organize Q&As from farmers, this could go a long way to helping them better understand Sadhguru’s message.
Guest about 1 year ago in Public Engagement 2

Connect with local farmers associations

We need the support of the farmers in every country to really make a change. Also, this is the group that is most influential and involved with the soil in every country. The German Bauernverband should be provided wi...
Kathrin Kirsch about 1 year ago in Public Engagement 1

Propose legislation to promote the reduction of pesticides

Pesticides contaminate the soil by attacking all life living in it. Instead of forcing farmers to abandon "traditional" farming methods, a scheme based on incentives such as tax reduction, improved acces to subsidies,... could be proposed to farme...
David Bolea about 1 year ago in Public Engagement 0

Video coverage of farmers of South India about their crop productivity decline and its link with soil, preferably to be presented during MSR event

Farmers are they instant group who faces the after effects of soil degradation or its fertility decline. The last generation of farmers are particularly aware of this and they are also the living generation of farmers also. We can have a coverage ...
Adharsh Jayadevan about 1 year ago in Public Engagement 0

Compost collection bins in neighborhood

There is so much vegetable and fruit peels waste everyday that goes in trash cans. Compost bins should be placed in every neighborhood and community building.
Guest about 1 year ago in Public Engagement 1

SAVE Soil logo printed on food delivery packaging

Every day millions of people order food via delivery apps. While getting the food if the message triggers that the soil need to be preserved to be able to get clean food in future everybody needs to take the responsibility. There will be an instan...
Guest about 1 year ago in Public Engagement 1

Distribute CP flyers at your local organic market or farmer's market

Farmer's markets, organic famer's market and local weekly markets happen in many cities across europe every week. Consumers and producers who frequent these markets are likely to be very positive the CP message. Need info packs and trained CP veeras
Guest about 1 year ago in Public Engagement 1

Present Save Soil when and wherever people are about to enjoy the benefits of soil like in a restaurant, clothing store, park entrance.

Nobody likes being filled with unsolicited advertisements. At the same time, everyone would like it if, at the exact moment that a need arises, there would be tools to help one choose the best path forward. Tools like data presented in a digestibl...
Fernando Estrella 11 days ago in Public Engagement 0

Promoting local compost production by city councils all over the world

The compost production would be managed locally by city councils in partnership with local companies in order to obtain low cost fertilizer for local farmers. The raw materials for the compost would come from local gardening bins from private owne...
David Bolea about 1 year ago in Public Engagement 0