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Save Soil Movement Ideas



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To organize Sadhguru speech on European Union Parliament.

To organize Sadhguru speech on EU Parliament should be possible through EU Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety.
Guest about 1 year ago in Events 13
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Create a live map of Sadhguru’s journey across Europe.

This interactive map shows in real time the line across Europe where Sadhguru is riding his motorcycle. Along the way small icons are placed, when clicked on, we can see short video clips of each location filmed by Isha volunteers using iPhone. Ea...
Kedarnath Truijens about 1 year ago in Events 3

Sadhguru at Vatican

Any event, public talk or meeting Pope at Vatican can create buzz in the world.
Guest about 1 year ago in Events 0

Lets organize a global running race called Run for Soil

We could contact running agencies and propose a global race called for instance Run for Soil where for each subscription a tree would be planted in the adherent countries by the volunteers and associate the global race with the Conscious Planet mo...
Guest about 1 year ago in Events 1

Special Song for Concious Planet/ Competition for the lyrics on social media

Lets make a special song only for Concious Planet. So that wherever or by whomever it is heard, we are reminded of the project. Let it be sang by famous artists and celebrities all over the world along with Sadhguru !!! Let it become number one hi...
zeynep about 1 year ago in Events 6

World Cup Qatar 2022 and Save Soil

The World Cup is one of the most viewed events in the world and has an incredible Unifying Force. Especially due to the ongoing situation in the world, this world cup is going to be extra special. Each year the world cup has an official song featu...
Henry Luk 11 months ago in Events 0

Design Free Meditation Course dedicated to soil.

Design a free meditation course that lets people experience soil and its importance and connection to their body. Initiate people into soil meditation.
abhishek subedi about 1 year ago in Events 0

Mondial action to support Sadhguru

Hello Earth Buddies, I would like to propose an idea of action to support all of our wonderful Sadhguru's ones. The idea is that all the Earth Buddies (and not only them!), approximately 3,5 billions of persons (if the goal is reached, which...
Guest 10 months ago in Events 5

Come up with University events

Youth are going to be a key driver for something like this and we need to engage with them directly. Would be great for Sadhguru to have a University event in each country.
Sharad Aggarwal about 1 year ago in Events 1

Organise events, film shows, concerts or workshops for the public on a regional basis.

Using SaveSoil videos as a core activity any socially-distanced event could be used as a vehicle to get the ideas across......
alan about 1 year ago in Events 0