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Save Soil Movement Ideas



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मेरी मिट्टी मेरा र्गव

वेद शास्त्रों में लिखा है जय जवान जय किसान हम हमारे ग्रामीण क्षेत्र वासियों को अपनी मिट्टी (धरती) के प्रति उनके प्रेम को प्रदर्शित व अनुभूति करने के लिए प्रेरित करें हमारे ग्रामीण अंचल के भाई बहन निश्चित ही इस धर्म यग में अपना समय और सेवा प्रदान...
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Save oil poster.

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Soil conservation

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Musical soirees at various restaurants and clubs on Save Soil theme

Is useful for people to get in touch and be aware of the importance of saving Soil for life.
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SAVE SOIL DUBAI. To have the Burj Khalifa in Dubai light up with SAVE SOIL while the SAVE SOIL Anthem being played

Burj Khalifa is an iconic wonder of the world. It's the tallest most famous building to date. Dubai always shows their gratitude by lighting up the Burj Khalifa in gratitude towards a specific idea or event. A bold statement to the world. I think ...
Suhail Rawat 2 months ago in Events 0

Let's use Compost Worms to Save the Soil

Everyone can produce hundreds of compost worms in a small area like a bathtub and put part of them to the soil every 3 month. Compost worms process food scraps and convert it in very rich fertilizer. The gut worms as enormous diversity of benefici...
Joao Fonseca 2 months ago in Events 1

Mondial action to support Sadhguru

Hello Earth Buddies, I would like to propose an idea of action to support all of our wonderful Sadhguru's ones. The idea is that all the Earth Buddies (and not only them!), approximately 3,5 billions of persons (if the goal is reached, which...
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Organise a fun run all over the world. Same day , out siders can pay money to join we can have booths for people to sign as earth buddies.Participants will obtain Run kit with save soil t-shirt, badge, sticker and medal , for the fee they pay to participate.

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Save Soil Boards at Family function

Easy to Create awareness about #SaveSoil among family members & friends
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Host Volunteer-Led Yearly 'Soil Melas' Around the World

A 'mela' is a fair or festival. This is already being done in places like India, USA (Georgia), and Indonesia. This can be a yearly event that can coincide with the changing of the seasons, similar to Pongal, Makar Sankrati, or Vaisakhi. Working t...
Vaishi R 4 months ago in Events 0