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Save Soil Movement Ideas



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Organic Agriculture soil

This lettuce crop is planted in unsuitable soil at a temperature of 37 degrees and is completely organic, with organic fertilizers produced from completely natural sources and used in ancient times. It should be noted that animal manures are suita...
Guest about 2 months ago in Influencers 0

UAE Burj Khalifa Light up with SAVE SOIL

No description provided
Suhail Rawat about 2 months ago in Influencers 0

Syntropic Agroforestry

I’ve been farming and studying soil and agriculture for 10 years and have settled on this modality to do the most good for the soil with the most carbon sequestration and least imputs.
Guest 2 months ago in Influencers 0

Get Michelle Obama & Oprah Winfrey on board

Namaskaram 🙏 Michelle Obama & Oprah Winfrey, two very influent women when they get dedicated to a cause. Their social impact is huge, millions of people, and they have powerful contacts. Getting them on board would be like a huge step forward...
Corinne Faneuil 3 months ago in Influencers 0

Tiny house share space with nature

Government should section house with space for trees, cow, goat, garden. I saw tiny house episode and got this idea.we are using too much space 1000 sq to build house instead, we can have 500sq house and rest for tree, tree house, garden, cow (cow...
Guest 3 months ago in Influencers 0


California farmers wont do much until the last minute unless we make it illegal to apply the harmful fertilizers.
Guest 3 months ago in Influencers 0

Talk about save soil in FM/Radios across the world

Many city people listen to FM or Radio
Phaneendra N 3 months ago in Influencers 0

Include local district Councilmember to join the movement

John Lee is a councilman for Chatsworth District 12. We need to reach out with appropriate resources for them to educate around soil issues and gain their confidence to voice about Save Soil campaign through their social media channels. Their offi...
Vineeta Adnani 3 months ago in Influencers 0

A ring tone and caller tune - SAVE SOIL - Lelelelelele

Save Soil ring tone, caller tune - Circualte and make viral
Guest 3 months ago in Influencers 1

Band Aid like “Save Soil” concert

To raise awareness further and funds for the movement to help farmers, communities: wherever Sadhguru knows funds would be best used to create this shift to regenerate soil, hold a concert streamed live to the world. Music artists and celebrities ...
Debbie Riley 3 months ago in Influencers 0