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Redesigning the "Conscious Planet" logo

The current logo is hardly readable and feels too heavy. It is as if the word "conscious" doesn't unite with "planet", it rather goes against it. I would gladly assist in a new design. Apologies to the creators who did the current one and thank yo...
Stefan Kalapishev about 1 year ago in Tech Platforms 7

A platform to help understand what kind of plants/trees for a specific region can be beneficial or advisable

People have lands and they were lent to farmers and the farmers does the agriculture based on their past experience and they don't have any new ideas of farming. If a platform is created to help understand what kind of plants/trees can one start p...
Kamal N about 1 year ago in Tech Platforms 2

Hello World -> Save Soil

"Hello World" is the first program which a person learning any new framework/language creates. We can talk to the main learning portals, especially the Open Source world, who are passionate about such causes and ask them to change it to 'Save Soil...
Lokesh Kumar 11 months ago in Tech Platforms 2


Hi Humans, To make this movement impactful and get attention, we need a better logo. Not sure if I am the only one who feels that the current logo feels cluttered - especially around the word "CONSCIOUS". I understand the colours represent earth, ...
Shiv Singh about 1 year ago in Tech Platforms 1

A Conscious Planet iIcon/ Web Seal for Website Owners

A Conscious Planet icon/web seal for website owners to put into the website's header/footer and link back to, to promote the Conscious Planet Movement among the visitors. What is needed: a) in a basic way, a Conscious Planet lo...
Guest about 1 year ago in Tech Platforms 0

Create new cryptocurrency with smart blockchain to ensure that project is lucrative. We need to marry economy&ecology otherwise nothing will happen.

We can create new cryptocurrency which is through smartcontract linked to outside world. More fertile soil=more money. So, every coin you own is 1m2 of soil regenerated. We can create Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (google it) and all can p...
Mario about 1 year ago in Tech Platforms 1

Google Doodle to display 'Save Soil' Doodle worldwide for 100 Days

Namaskaram Everyone, As Google is one of the biggest Tech platform, Collaboration with Google to display 'Save Soil' Google Doodle for 100 Days during Sadhguru's visit to various countires will help to reach out to a lot of people and spread aware...
Shivani #Save Soil 12 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

A new kind of funeral for people and animals.

I have developed a system in which the body of a deceased person or animal is completely recycled. The body is placed in a special capsule with a small amount of earth and plants, then special soil bacteria are added there. After two months, the b...
Yuri Raevsky 8 months ago in Tech Platforms 2

Request YOUTUBE CEO to put Conscious Planet video as soon as YOUTUBE opens at the ad that comes at the very top,let,s say atleast for one week.

No description provided
Guest about 1 year ago in Tech Platforms 0

TV ads in regional languages

Large population of people of all age groups watch TV and YouTube. Putting the ads in many different languages will be a good way reach out and create awareness.
Prashant Biradar about 1 year ago in Tech Platforms 0