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Awareness in Schools

Schools Should Give Students Activities For Planting Corps and Saving soil so that awareness should start from a young age
Guest about 9 hours ago in  1

Organic Agriculture soil

This lettuce crop is planted in unsuitable soil at a temperature of 37 degrees and is completely organic, with organic fertilizers produced from completely natural sources and used in ancient times. It should be noted that animal manures are suita...
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Tell everybody to plant 30 trees or plants

It is useful because we can make the organisms and also natural fertilizer so the waste is growing to go down and come back up. Also Suscribe to my channel : Olive and Agam!!
Agam Bains 13 days ago in Social Media 1

UAE Burj Khalifa Light up with SAVE SOIL

No description provided
Suhail Rawat 14 days ago in Influencers 0

Creating volunteer opportunities to work with farmers in farmland while logging hours in save soil portal

after watching save soil status videos my friends are reaching me to arrange volunteer opportunities to work in farmland with farmers.
Jagadeesh Mudda 14 days ago in Public Engagement 0

Save soil Count sorted by countries and states

in the website if we add per country count it will help volunteers to focus on countries/states where we need to focus on spreading word
Jagadeesh Mudda 14 days ago in Tech Platforms 0

Any change if we want it to happen should start from home,non usage of polythene bags,recycling of kitchen waste,measures to avoid wasting of water,schools should have curriculum incorporating gardening,planting trees on the coasts to prevent tsunamis,providing resources to plant saplings are some to mention . We all should make this movement big and monumental,kudos to Sadguru!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Chandrakiran Meka 14 days ago in  0

Each new home owner must go through a mandatory orientation on managing compost/trash or making conscious choices

An orientation in this subject before closing/signing off on a home, would be a great start towards a conscious lifestyle. This orientation can cover various topics depending on where the home owners are living and the kind of the home. Topics lik...
Akhila Reddy 15 days ago in Partnerships 0

Gold and diamond and silver are part of soil, stop extraction, infacy gove back all back to earth

Gold extracted women for look, men for business are becoming tooo much due to which soil lost its important mineral. Autism are increasing bcus krishna ate soil, v r scared to play in soil, bcus v dont have minerals.
Guest 18 days ago in Public Engagement 1

Musical soirees at various restaurants and clubs on Save Soil theme

Is useful for people to get in touch and be aware of the importance of saving Soil for life.
Guest 19 days ago in Events 0