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A google doodle for Soil on a special date

sharing an example here
Guest 4 months ago in Social Media 0

[Lofi] 24x7 Live #SaveSoil Music Radio

Lofi music 🎶 is standard go to listening choice when it comes to college/University going people. They use it while doing homework. Office workers while working on computer have also been seen to listen to concentration music. The radio aims...
Gaurav Harchwani 4 months ago in Social Media 0

Engage public by creating short video on the why CP and what we see by making it happen

Asking people to start creating a short video on why CP is needed and what difference it can do and upload it in social media. For this has to start from isha meditators by bringing the awareness of this movement and engage each individuals they k...
Guest 7 months ago in Social Media 0

#WeartheSoil challenge. Everyone takes a MUDBATH with Mud/soil found locally! Post pictures on insta. Will be a powerful statement and reminder that we are Earth and will garner a lot of attention as nothing like this has been done before.

Sadhguru has spoken about the many benefits of doing a mud bath and also encouraged us to do them from time to time, including in the recent FMF Satsang. Youth today, especially those in cities live completely cut of from nature. This will be a po...
Vineetha Mohan 5 months ago in Social Media 1

Interactive experiences in social media

By interactive experiences I mean quizzes, Augmented Reality experiences (think instagram real time filters), chatbots, polls, games, among others. They engage users, may surprise them with facts and call them to learn more and act about this vita...
Fernando Estrella 5 months ago in Social Media 1

Conscious Planet doodle contest

We can announce a doodle contest for Consious Planet logo (similar to Google doodles) open to all. Selected doodles can be posted in all offecial CP social media platform. May be we can announce 1 or 2 per week.
Bini Chandran 7 months ago in Social Media 0

Give an advertisement for Conscious Planet Project on Spotify

No description provided
zeynep 7 months ago in Social Media 0

Countries should make a stop in making concrete jungles in their countries!

If there are no more concrete jungles, soil will not be contaminated with cement waste.
Guest 4 months ago in Social Media 0

Create a very attractive mascot for the movement

Create a very attractive, sweet mascot that may easily awake an emotional response and become a social media viral vector and a free-of-cost ambassador for the movement.
Guest 7 months ago in Social Media 0

Start a reddit conversation

No description provided
Dhanya Moni about 1 month ago in Social Media 0