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Climate concious marketing

We understand everything in terms of visibility and marketing. I feel the only way to make people really aware of the climate change is by "pop up advertisements". If something is seen enough times people eventually take interest in it. So I feel ...
Guest 4 months ago in Social Media 0

Limiting ever lastingly industrial expansion

We can do something on soil if only soil is available to work upon.Government is offering lucrative offers for land and industries are build in an unsustainable manner.Policies should be made with balance of ecology and economy.
Guest 4 months ago in Social Media 0

SaveSoil Twitter Posts addressed only to schools for the purpose of signing up with relevant information to schools only

School engagement made easier
Yanet Gonzalez 4 months ago in Social Media 0

Food chain vs Plastic recyle

Some old people don't understand why do we need to dispose plastic waste separately. We can show 2 pictures, one is food recyle system, like we get food from soil, and we put wastes it get recycled. Another picture, plastic recyle procedure, lik...
Guest 5 months ago in Social Media 0

Zero tillage conservation agriculture is the solution.

We can not solve our problem with the same thinking which have created them. We need to go for different path and that path is Zero Tillage Farming/Conservation Agriculture. The small holder farmer will solve this problem of global warming and cli...
Guest 5 months ago in Social Media 0

We come from Soil We Go to Soil

Creating Awareness about our body and soil. How things are common in life and soil. Need to be address more deeply. This bring realization that we are no different from soil.
Suketh Upadhya 5 months ago in Social Media 0

Spread "REKO-Market" concept on Facebook around the world - direct sale to costumer

Shops has for a long time been needed to distribute food from the farmer to the costumer. With social media, words and products are easily spread. On Facebook, REKO groups are created in every city and multiple places in citites where only local p...
Guest 5 months ago in Social Media 0

I have created a social page to bring children and nature closer

bringing the youth of the world into the boundless grace of nature as one entity is what all life truly is, this is an understanding and an experience that must be fed into all societies, this is the intention … Please see the page - Mindfulness M...
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Create awareness on eliminating all pesticides and herbicides from commercial and local agriculture/distribution

Create awareness on how all pesticides and herbicides ( especially roundup) need to be eliminated from touching any kind of agriculture, soil, and every living entity, commercially and locally
dylan demers 5 months ago in Social Media 0

Linga Bharavi supports Conscious Planet

A paint like this; can be shared at Linga Bharavi's social media page. In the picture around Devi; trees, ants, animals, various life forms can be drawn. Life energy, life forms cann...
Burcu 5 months ago in Social Media 0