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Save Soil Movement Ideas



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Offer free LIVE WEBINARS WITH SCIENTISTS - for associations, for corporates, for schools... and for all public

We could make some advertising for WEBINARS WITH SCIENTISTS/EXPERTS. That would be very INTERACTIVE with Q&A. Social media will be wonderful tools to spread the word in all directions.We could mention an email dedicated to interest for these w...
Pascale SIGURA 7 months ago in Events 0

Have a Video conference with Kamala Harris & President Biden

No description provided
asha vin 6 months ago in Events 0

Do rally in the Main Cities of the countries with support of Embassies like road show

All meditators collaborator with other similar interest organisations with help of embassies like Indian Embassies to do a rally with some culture road show on the Main streets of the cities. Involve Facebook communities who are part of event crea...
Guest 7 months ago in Events 1

Podcast with Lex Fridman will help reach the Conscious Planet to scientific community.

Lex Fridman podcast is one of the most popular podcasts in science, technology, intelligence, and everything related to life. Mostly world renouned scientists and enterpernuer are invited to podcasts. Here is a link :
abhishek subedi 5 months ago in Events 2

Contact Prince Charles of Wales committed in sustainibility for decades

As starting point in London a conversation between Sadhguru and the Prince of Wales could be of great public effect. Prince Charles is committed in sustainability initiatives (speeches, articles, books anf films) and environmental preservation for...
Guest 6 months ago in Events 1

Save air which we are not breathing lunges full off oxygen, and the reason behind this is about only virus viral fever on the reason for breathing carbon dioxide gas in to the lungs so that please save the air which is capable to breathe lungs full of oxygen.

It is all about saving our younger generation for the future growth that we have to identify as soon as possible, think about where we are living, how we are living, why we are living, in these air
Guest 4 months ago in Events 0

Ancient secrets of Latvia and the baltics

IF the goal of Sadhguru is increasing rivers and enriching soil, visiting Latvia is a must have! This small country in North East europe has over 12'000 rivers! And around 50% of the teritory is covered in forests. Certain plant, animal and insect...
Guest 7 months ago in Events 0

Organize events at India's top colleges involved in the area of environmental and soil sciences

Much more data and information on the status of the soil is available from the developed country but little information is available from developing regions. Interaction of Sadguru with students, scientists in Universities/Colleges/Institutes in d...
Guest 5 months ago in Events 0

Partner with Brazilian musicians who have been singing to raise awareness about preserving the environment and the Amazon

I suggest to contact „Voz da Floresta“, which is movement of Brazilian Musicians to raise aware to the need to protect the Amazon Forest. They recorded a beautiful song: This is a poetic-musical video manifesto in defe...
Guest 7 months ago in Events 1

Take advantage of the already existing program "Another kind of school" in Romania

Every year student from classes 1 to 12 in Romania have a week in which they do not follow any curricula, but do fresh extra activities. These are generally suggested by parents or teachers. From experience, teachers are often very receptive to ne...
Guest 7 months ago in Events 0