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Save Soil Movement Ideas



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Create or Suggest an Ad on Conscious Planet / save the Soil in the upcoming Superbowl 2022

Tom Brady could use his influence to suggest an ad or awarness video on Conscious Planet / save the Soil in the upcoming Superbowl 2022. this will help spread the message to 3/4 th of the American population.
asha vin 6 months ago in Events 0

UN Save the soil day

Create a save the soil day, and set a time in that day, everyone in the world would switch off their lights and wave a torch / mobile phone light to signify support of the movement. It can create oneness of the movement, and greatly enhance the a...
Lai Fong Canavan 5 months ago in Events 1

Awareness in apartment complexes-Reach the homes of people

Huge apartment complexes where a majority of us stay are ideal locations to create awareness. If the volunteers are given material to do a presentation of half hour and also suggestions on an action plan as to what the apartment residents can do w...
Jasmini Chandran 5 months ago in Events 0

Save Soil Boards at Family function

Easy to Create awareness about #SaveSoil among family members & friends
Guest 3 months ago in Events 0

Face book live broadcast

To have a community feeling, to invite new people: daily broadcast on FB, including meditation session, information/education part and News Flash of activities going on
Goedele Roos 5 months ago in Events 0

🌳 All Veeras can conduct Conscious Planet informative online sessions 🌳

🌱Have you heard about the biggest ecological movement that is currently happening in the world?🌱All Yoga Veeras can conduct several online sessions during the campaign to inform their friends/relatives and grow awareness. We can provide all the ne...
Guest 7 months ago in Events 0

Sadhguru barefoot at a cherry blossom festival

Barefoot to show connection to the soil
Elisabeth Braun 7 months ago in Events 1

मेरी मिट्टी मेरा र्गव

वेद शास्त्रों में लिखा है जय जवान जय किसान हम हमारे ग्रामीण क्षेत्र वासियों को अपनी मिट्टी (धरती) के प्रति उनके प्रेम को प्रदर्शित व अनुभूति करने के लिए प्रेरित करें हमारे ग्रामीण अंचल के भाई बहन निश्चित ही इस धर्म यग में अपना समय और सेवा प्रदान...
Guest 29 days ago in Events 0

Form a human chain for soil online - put Videos together to form a chain

Form a human chain for soil online - put Videos together to form a chain, example:
Monique Welscher 5 months ago in Events 0

A world collaborate concert like live aid in the past

A world collaborate concert with all the major singers and bans covered the major counties, can create an unimaginable awareness in the world. It happens in Live aids concert 1985. Save the soil movement can create a even bigger awareness and imp...
Lai Fong Canavan 5 months ago in Events 0