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Save Soil Movement Ideas



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Sadhguru meeting with Indian Embassies in countries of Rally

If Sadhguru will meet with the India Embassies, they will be happy to create a lot of noise around the whole tour and movement. This will be a push for them to get involved and take it seriously. We have seen in the past that this didn't always ha...
Sabine Wiggers - van den Berg 7 months ago in Events 1

SAVE SOIL DUBAI. To have the Burj Khalifa in Dubai light up with SAVE SOIL while the SAVE SOIL Anthem being played

Burj Khalifa is an iconic wonder of the world. It's the tallest most famous building to date. Dubai always shows their gratitude by lighting up the Burj Khalifa in gratitude towards a specific idea or event. A bold statement to the world. I think ...
Suhail Rawat 2 months ago in Events 0

strong image: 1000 white beared old men from all over Europe come to Bruessels with Sadhguru

What is important: gathering of polititans with a potential of wise men. Bring the idea of wisdom and support. Imagine the old bikers, who are often long beared smiling persons having a yogi , who also often have long wise beards on the back or ev...
Monika Thoms 7 months ago in Events 2

Save oil poster.

No description provided
Guest about 1 month ago in Events 0

Soil conservation

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Guest about 1 month ago in Events 0

Let's use Compost Worms to Save the Soil

Everyone can produce hundreds of compost worms in a small area like a bathtub and put part of them to the soil every 3 month. Compost worms process food scraps and convert it in very rich fertilizer. The gut worms as enormous diversity of benefici...
Joao Fonseca 2 months ago in Events 1

Sadhguru's Meeting with french scientists, french buddhism leaders +others religions, on UNESCO, Paris - France

UNESCO is the perfect place to claim together in Europe, our fondamental alert about a new human beings ecology and a global conscious of our planet are urgently necessaries. A global conscious by intellectuals united.
Thinley Kunsel 6 months ago in Events 0

Marathon race for a cause

All volunteers in tire 1, 2 and 3 cities can get together and organize marathon races. In this there will be a huge crowd gathering, and also we can publicize the movement more by giving T shirts and other merchandise. End of every marathon race w...
Guest 5 months ago in Events 0

Plant Diksha

The Isha Foundation is already doing a lot to protect our soil. So do add on to that, just like how Sadhguru had initiated the rudraksha diksha plan, Isha Foundation can start a plant diksha program as well where plantlets are given to everyone. W...
Guest 4 months ago in Events 0

Convene a World Congress of environmental organizations

In this way we can engage organized civil society with this project. We can jointly develop a global soil rescue program
Guest 7 months ago in Events 0