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Save Soil Movement Ideas



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Governments should allocate budget/land for soil protection along with infrastructure development

The world is becoming a concrete jungle in the name of state economy, jobs and infrastructure. Request leaders allot budget/ land to maintain and develop our natural , ecological resources especially soil not just for tourism like a rare commodity...
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Permaculture as the new agriculture

Permaculture is way of working with nature not against it
dylan demers 5 months ago in Influencers 0

Create conscious customers

Develop a community of customers , who have brand recognition for their conscious, eco-friendly, need based purchases. They will be the ambassadors/influencers who create demand for products and businesses that are sensitive to the earth and it's ...
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Contact Cuca Roseta - Singer

Cuca Roseta is a portuguese singer. She sings Fado, a unique portuguese music style. She is also a devoted yoga practitioner as you may see in her instagram account : @cucaroseta, Would be interesting if she c...
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