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Directly talk to the minister concerned in UK

I work for the civil service and the ministerial pressure works on the government. On on hand media and environmental organisations can be geared up, simultaneously the minister should be briefed with scientific backing.
Guest 7 months ago in Influencers 0

Sadhguru meeting with Elon musk and Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma watson

These personalities are actively involved in global concerns and they are open to any collaboration. I think it may create a very great impact for our motive
Shivakailash Jd 6 months ago in Influencers 1

get Jonas Ems on board

Jonas Ems has 1.4 M followers on instagram he talks alot about food and animals too... he is great influencer to reach younger youth :)
Sonya 7 months ago in Influencers 0

Ask European largest airlines like Ryanair, British Airways and KLM to donate trees all over Europe.

Airline companies already donate funds towards trees because these costs can be offset as carbon neutral. Ryanair donated 500,000 to tree plantings in Portugal. See also
Kedarnath Truijens 6 months ago in Influencers 0

Planet Earth grand slam

If we are able to get in touch with Novak Djokovic and tell him about the project, hopefully he would agree to organize a tennis tournament with the theme: conscious planet. Safari has already given an interview for the magazine "Original" whose o...
Guest 7 months ago in Influencers 2

Get Michelle Obama & Oprah Winfrey on board

Namaskaram 🙏 Michelle Obama & Oprah Winfrey, two very influent women when they get dedicated to a cause. Their social impact is huge, millions of people, and they have powerful contacts. Getting them on board would be like a huge step forward...
Corinne Faneuil 3 months ago in Influencers 0

Romania: reach musicians and bands that have an interest for ecological issues, as well as traditions and folklore. SUBCARPATI comes to my mind

No description provided
Elena Cirstian 7 months ago in Influencers 0

Go to Joe Rogan's Podcast

JRE is one of the world's most-watched/listened to podcast show on youtube and Spotify. Joe Rogan is respected for his insightful conversations and the reach his podcast has in the general public. If Sadhguru is able to have even a single podcast ...
Chirag Dhiman 5 months ago in Influencers 0

Paid promotions with meme pages and youtubers

Memes and Youtube are the places where young people spend most of their time. Paid promotions are the major source of their revenue. They charge very less money because they are individuals. They are easily approachable. They have lots of follower...
Guest 5 months ago in Influencers 0

approach Bill Gates and try enlighten him to the dangers of the Industrial Agricultural and Pharmaceutical complex, balance his economic understanding with a ecological understanding.

There are some very powerful people in the world with huge capital, resource and influence around the world. Bill Gates is openly invested and a huge supporter of industrial agriculture and industrial pharmaceutical companies. These multi national...
Wade Irving 5 months ago in Influencers 0