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Save Soil Movement Ideas



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Save the planet by growing the global consciousness about birth control!

The population of the human being is the biggest probleem for the nature and future of the next generation. The people have to become conscious that nothing will help if our population grows like this. Every man and woman has to ask themselves why...
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Famous YouTubers

Let us email to famous YouTubers to join this movement
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Mandating Ethical Standards for Industries

I think saving soil should not only focus on the effects of artificial fertilizers used in agriculture. The concept of saving solid should encompass the saving soil in total. For example, building roads and drilling ground in construction indu...
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Sadhguru could visit successfull cooking youtubers and cook with them eco-friendly delicious food and talk about concious planet (eg. PickUpLimes 3.6 Million Subscribers, Netherlands)

If you know more europe based youtubers Sadhguru could visit during the tour please meantion them in the comments
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Get Arnold Schwarzenegger "Terminator" on board. He's organizing the annual climate change summit (Austrian World Summit) He has more than 22 million followers on Instagram alone to reach out to. Ans he's already a big supporter and active in climate change activities. Influence or Partnership possible.
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Country File BBC TV program UK - contact presenters and BBC to convey and have broadcast save soil approaches to farming

contact BBC UK to present and have broadcast content on soil crisis and ways to regenerate soil, healthy farming methods etc.
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A ring tone and caller tune - SAVE SOIL - Lelelelelele

Save Soil ring tone, caller tune - Circualte and make viral
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To be ideally effective, any theory that is to be delivered to our main focus, the farmers and village people, is to be in local language only. We need this website in a versions of languages. Just like for my case, I can only be influence if I sp...
Swarnendu Roy 4 months ago in Influencers 0

Create laboratories in localities to assess the quality of the farms soil in order to ensure is meeting the 3% organic matter content

Create laboratories that will help test soil. Collectors can come from these lab companies set by goverments and test the different farm soils and ensure they are ready for harvest and if not to apply any revitalizing measures as necessary before ...
Yanet Gonzalez 4 months ago in Influencers 0

Get Greta Thunber on board

No description provided
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