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Save Soil Movement Ideas


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Make such a platform, where creator upload their creative stuff and othres can download and post.

In this platform, creator upload their any creative thing on save soil , like poetry, short video on save soil, PPT on save soil, creative images and many more[only on save soil]. Others those who want to post any creative thing on save soil on th...
Guest 9 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Leverage the Carbon credit economy to increase farmer profits.

Organic farming naturally helps our soils sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Companies will offer to offset carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by paying money for it. Can be an additional source of income for farmers.
Guest 9 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Apple Watch Data when Sadhguru is riding

Sadhguru, who's 65, will be traveling 30k kms and will be doing engagements as well. He'd sleep for usual 4.5 hours. If he could wear a smartwatch, we can collect that data and after 100days, we can present what Yoga can do. It's potency, eit...
Ashish Nigam 9 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Stop chemical fertilizers, weedicides and add technology to natural farming

Chemical fertilizers and weedicides kill soil microorganisms. In natural farming Soil microorganisms break the chemical bond in soil minerals and release nutrients to plants in ionic form. Soil microorganisms also absorb nitrogen from atmosphere a...
sampath kumar 5 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Use Ecosia search engine instead of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Ecosia is a search engine based in Berlin, Germany that donates 100% of its revenue to nonprofit organizations focusing on reforestation. It considers itself a social business, claiming to be CO₂-negative, and supports full financial transparency ...
Tanu Singh 5 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Needs water conservation

No description provided
Guest 10 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Create a crypto coin that will fund all the world's environmental & consciousness aspirations

The biggest issue with any endeavor today is financing, no billionaries or governments will help out as they don't care, but the people care, and having an independant coin (from all governments) that people can buy and hold and it could be traded...
Zoran Bogdanov 10 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Using Blockchain DAOs to Track Carbon Credits

As we engage with organizations that generate verified carbon offsets from soil resotration projects, they can be brought onto the blockchain. The Toucan Carbon Bridge is a one-way bridge: carbon credits can be brought on-cha...
Jess Allen 10 months ago in Tech Platforms 1

DAILY SOIL TIDBIT of information to go out to the main Telegram group

Similar to the Daily Mystic Quote, each day a tidbit of information on soil will be sent out internationally to the main group. A piece of information will be taken from the website and broadcast to all, as many do not study th...
Guest 10 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Add Cloud Flare or similar to ensure website content is available

I have attempted to access conscious planet website several times this morning and it says server is down. other pages I can access. suggest Cloud Flare or some other service that displays website even if service is down. Cloud Flare used to offer...
Jess Allen 10 months ago in Tech Platforms 0