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Add Cloud Flare or similar to ensure website content is available

I have attempted to access conscious planet website several times this morning and it says server is down. other pages I can access. suggest Cloud Flare or some other service that displays website even if service is down. Cloud Flare used to offer...
Jess Allen 5 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Evolve capitalism from cancer to symbiosis by regenerating our economy

Thank you for everything you are doing ♥ With the SEEDS Regenerative movement and the Seeds Cryptocurrency, we have laid the foundation for a regenerative economy. Now we have the chance to create a decentralized and dynamic control unit over cap...
Nadim Hamdan 5 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Use blockchain technology to link food we eat to attributes of Soil

It would be good if we could come up with standard to link the food produce to attributes of soil. Just like how consumers see the nutritious value, they get to know where it is grown, how the soil is taken care and nourished. I think block chain ...
Sai Chaparala 6 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Solar Hydroponics for all Everywhere!!!

I have developed a device that allows the ability to grow food utilizing hydroponic methods outdoors using a small 9 volt solar panel that charges an on board 3.7 volt battery. More specifically, the device is a Maximum Power Point Tracking solar ...
Eddie Tawfik 3 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Participate in Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge

How can your early-stage innovative technology solution solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems?
Heili Veetamm 6 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

An Amazing idea if implemented would explode the SaveSoil Movement Globally

Namaskaram Willing People, I am Amit, from Pune, Maharashtra, a Yogi, Seeker and a Wild Learner. I am writing this mail because I am willing to Save Soil. Till now, we have been doing Social Meet-Ups physically for this movement. I have observed...
Amit 3 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Boost social interaction with a Pledge Campaign

Create a web page where people can make a personal pledge to take action to save our soil. For example: I pledge to compost all my food waste I pledge to buy organic food whenever possible I pledge to only eat meat once a week I pledge to grow a s...
Guest 6 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Promoting Dry Toilets & Farms That Use Human Waste

Please watch this report on dry toilets and the farms in Mexico that are using human waste in their farms. We need to implement these ideas now and everywhere. I think this might be the key to saving our soil from degr...
Itzel Hernandez 3 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Compost machines for all urban homes

There are compost machines available, why are we not using that techology everywhere?!?! These machines are small and should be available for all small homes in urban areas. If the govenment or rich person can help make the cost for these cheap, t...
Itzel Hernandez 3 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Use Drones and Robots to Grow and Deliver Food

Hi Let us use drone technology to farm plant seeds and deliver produce to regions that have food scarcity
Guest 3 months ago in Tech Platforms 0