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Save Soil Movement Ideas


Youth Engagement

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Build earthworm showcases in connection with soil for kindergarten, school…

A lot of foundations supporting youth in school and kindergarten, for example „The house of the little scientists In Germany. Maybe it would be possible to ask the foundations with great influence for supporting the earthworm showcases, which can ...
Barbara Vetter 5 months ago in Youth Engagement 0

Create Custom Emoji

Create a custom emoji that influencers and supporters can use to help identify each other.
Jess Allen 5 months ago in Youth Engagement 0

Design a Bike Race Game!

A biking game can be designed exclusively for the 100 days Sadhguru is on the road. Proceeds of which go towards funding the activities related to this movement. This will help involve the entire gaming community. A little healthy competition for ...
Deepti Sethi 6 months ago in Youth Engagement 1

Delete how to make 100.00 euro's in one day from YouTube

Every 3 minutes you hear this with a lot of types in different ways how to become ritch. Each day, another day and a whole year by doing nothing......Misled tekst and commercials and developping yourself makes you more happier then this. Heard man...
Guest 6 months ago in Youth Engagement 0


gather volunteer, influencer etc testimonials to show how Sadhguru’s has impacted their way of viewing ecological challenges.
Guest 7 months ago in Youth Engagement 1

Save tree Save soil

No description provided
Guest 4 months ago in Youth Engagement 0

Save Soil to save our kids lives

Value of Soil can’t be explained or experienced in words. Encourage everyone to grow their own food even in small space with grow bags and ask them to compost. Then everyone will realize what soul can do and cannot do. This realization will streng...
Guest 4 months ago in Youth Engagement 0

Every parent must teach their children how to take care of our nature and how to respect others animals who are sharing life on earth with us

Every parent must start planting trees and should call their children to take part with it and must show the magic of the nature.children will start loving because when they plant a tree they will like to watch it growing day by day slowly that ha...
Guest 4 months ago in Youth Engagement 0

Gardening as a co-curricular activity in schools, colleges and universities

It will bring a sense of awareness and beauty of natural process of growing a plant, It will benefit the society they are living as the joy of planting a sapling and taking care of it to a mature plant will spread more joyfulness in the society, I...
Dibyasingh Majhi 4 months ago in Youth Engagement 0

Hackathons to invite solutions from across students of PAN India

Conducting Hackathons on various collages across PAN India giving them a general problem statement or a more specific problem statement and inviting solutions. We can give the winners Save Soil Merchandise or feature them on out social media ha...
Guest 4 months ago in Youth Engagement 1