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Acquire land that has poor soil and rejuvenate the life in the soil.

Ultimately, we are talking about many people bringing awareness but there has to be physical action. Raising funds to purchase land that needs to be saved is the most direct action one can take. If Conscious Planet has the methods to save the soil...
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Zero tillage conservation agriculture is the solution.

We can not solve our problem with the same thinking which have created them. We need to go for different path and that path is Zero Tillage Farming/Conservation Agriculture. The small holder farmer will solve this problem of global warming and cli...
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We come from Soil We Go to Soil

Creating Awareness about our body and soil. How things are common in life and soil. Need to be address more deeply. This bring realization that we are no different from soil.
Suketh Upadhya 8 months ago in Social Media 0

Making Idea to start at Root Level

Soil is the most precious thing in this nature. It's one's responsibility to nurtue it. Everything starts at the root level. So my view on this idea is to make each and every child plant a Plant. And ask them how it grows. Let them make to know th...
Venu V 8 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Rooftop Wall and balcony gardening

1. Green covering in urban areas 2. Encourage more people toward Nature/Soil conservation 3. Cools down building temperature 4. Home grown fruits and vegetables 5. Small creature will be benefited (insects. Bird's, animals)
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આપણે સૌથી પહેલા દવાઓ યુક્ત ખાતર નો ઉપયોગ ટાળવો જોઈએ .

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Start up more community supported agriculture, CSA farms

CSA farms allow a producer to get paid in the beginning of season and can then both plan for and grow a variety of bags, knowing that they will have anough money already. The costumer and producer build a relationsship built on trust by time. The ...
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Spread "REKO-Market" concept on Facebook around the world - direct sale to costumer

Shops has for a long time been needed to distribute food from the farmer to the costumer. With social media, words and products are easily spread. On Facebook, REKO groups are created in every city and multiple places in citites where only local p...
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Connect small scale farmers around the world for better resilience

Small scale farmers want to use traditional seeds and varieties of crops to a larger extent than conventional farming. Small scale farmers need to cooperate in an organization, such as La via campesina, to speak with one voice when it comes down t...
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Make stop at beautiful regenerative farms on the tour

Educate and inspire people by showing the benefits of a regenerative farm, which is more than ecological. It build soil by using as little soil disturbance as possible. It also create more wonderful things than a beautiful soil, it creates relatio...
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