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Creating Viral and Relevant Content that urges people in various geographies to take action.

Real life struggles caused by Soil extinction. Social media Influencers should create content based on real life crisis caused by lack of attention to nature and soil. Lifes of Farmers presented in a heart touching way. Fact and statistics based v...
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Google seo for keywords like tree, soil, agriculture , food etc

better If Sadhguru talks to sundar pichai regarding this
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Use desi cow urine/dung based fertilizers & pesticides.

We have seen our ancestors doing this from centuries. Desi Cow urine is like a amurta for us. It can be replaced fertilizers and pesticide. And nothing will be harmed. They will also eat the leftover farming green waste you won't be needed to bu...
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Save soil with water

Sewage water let into river is destroying soil fertility and fruits and vegetables are losing its nutrients.
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I have created a social page to bring children and nature closer

bringing the youth of the world into the boundless grace of nature as one entity is what all life truly is, this is an understanding and an experience that must be fed into all societies, this is the intention … Please see the page - Mindfulness M...
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Share through socila media to involve the schools and college/university students

The video recorded sessions short videos on the current problem what we can do to solve this problem invite ideas from students to solve the problem recognize the students - online pic certificates and make them soil ambassador
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Metro communities to purchase from farmer directly

There were major people eating inorganic food as they believed it as organic. Hence community familes should hire farmers to cultivate organic food so that the soil gets biodiversity and people gets healty.
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Create awareness on eliminating all pesticides and herbicides from commercial and local agriculture/distribution

Create awareness on how all pesticides and herbicides ( especially roundup) need to be eliminated from touching any kind of agriculture, soil, and every living entity, commercially and locally
dylan demers 8 months ago in Social Media 0

Sadguru Brazil

No description provided
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Cuadernos, agenda y diario con guía para aprender a separar residuos urbanos y metodología save soil

Todo el planeta, y todos los seres que habitan en el. Por un planeta más saludable.
Amanda Aquino 8 months ago in Youth Engagement 0