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#onewiththesoil - Challenge

This challenge will be like ALS/Ice Bucket Challenge. Here we need an infulencer to kick start and nominate 3-5 friends to be a part of this challenge. What has to be done in this challenge? The 1st influencer to walk and talk about the current si...
Guest 6 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Archive of all un-official content (such as memes) and official content

The un-official content that the volunteers are creating, such as memes, have superb organic reach. The problem is, currently there is no way for anybody else to access it, download or directly re-share. Having one single archive of un-official re...
Kaivalya Deshpande 6 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Enlist veggie box providers

No description provided
Guest 6 months ago in Partnerships 0

We Need: "Save Soil" fliers, online training for Earth Buddy curbside spokes people, and EB local Sanghas

For Isha Foundation to provide Earth Buddies "Save Soil" fliers to print and post in our communities AND to provide a free online training for Earth Buddies to be curbside spokes people. Also, support for connecting local Earth Buddies to one anot...
Guest 6 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Eliminar Tickets de compra de papel

Porque cada vez que realizó una compra me dan un PAPEL o muchos dependiendo de los sitios, habría que crear una especie de billetera virtual para que nos enviaran todos esos tickets de compra (facturas impresas) a esas billeteras virtuales o app o...
Guest 6 months ago in Events 0

Convince Europ. Commission to declare saving soil as a 7th environmental object

No description provided
Dominik Thaler 6 months ago in Partnerships 1

Mock drill

Mock drill on save soil movement will help people to know about the importance of soil in human's life.
Guest 6 months ago in Events 0

Reach Environmental/Agricultural School of major universities, implant the right ideas!

The environmental/agriculture graduates are more likely to work in soil related fields. Implant the right ideas in people who will closely work with the soils!
Kate Ke 6 months ago in Partnerships 0

The Soil Tale's Book - Publish a book (online/paper) with different tales and stories about Soil.

This idea consist in first collect different tales and stories about the soil theme. We can make an opening to volunteers to submit stories or tales about the soil and the soil regeneration subjects. Then we open a public pole to read and upvote t...
Guest 6 months ago in Videos / Creatives 0

Linga Bharavi supports Conscious Planet

A paint like this; can be shared at Linga Bharavi's social media page. In the picture around Devi; trees, ants, animals, various life forms can be drawn. Life energy, life forms cann...
Burcu 6 months ago in Social Media 0