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Isha can take initiation for chemical free fertilizers for farmers and make aware to people how to increase soil fertility without chemicals and grow better crops.

farmers can be aware and help them to grow healthy crops and save soil, if they use chemical free fertilizers. There are some products like modiCare which provides less chemicals.
puneet kudagi 6 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Easy Template to upload self photo holidng soil

Create a template with empty space and CP logo where we can upload our pic holing soil which can be shared in all groups
Srilatha Gadamsetty 6 months ago in Social Media 0

Friends and family group pic with soil

In gathering or parties ask all friends and families to take group pic while holding soil and share in groups and social media
Srilatha Gadamsetty 6 months ago in Social Media 0

Engage botanical gardens

Sadhguru could stop at botanical gardens along the journey. Students for Soil could hand out flyers and do information sessions. Botanical gardens could offer discounts to Earth Buddies, add Save Soil to their websites, put information in ...
Guest 6 months ago in Events 0

Do outreach at/to Garden centres

People who garden already have connection to soil, but may not know about the crisis. Could be Students for Soil activity, or part of Soil Saturdays. Could also contact Garden centres to ask them to support Save Soil, post on their fb page, of...
Guest 6 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Educate Population to buy food conciously

Many people buy food maybe twice as much as they need. It would be a great ideea if trough social media, people could learn how to plan and purchase as much as they need, and avoid throwing food away, just to buy the same amount in the next week. ...
Guest 6 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Multi-disciplinary team in order to create an environmental project and applying for funds

I have been studying different funding options for enviromentl projects , applying for funds is a good option. There are many grant makers worldwide , is not necessary create NGOs , many times communities or universities help to coordinate applica...
Guest 6 months ago in Partnerships 0

Una asignatura obligatoria desde primaria hasta entrada a la universidad sobre consciencia del medio ambiente e impacto ambiental factores y causas consecuencias y correcciones.

Sería una asignatura obligatoria donde desde pequeños se eduquen progresivamente y se conciencia a las personas sobre el cuidar la naturaleza y su entorno , y se les de herramientas también sobre ecología y agricultura sostenible para cuidar el en...
pedro jaén valero 6 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Reach to mosques, churches, and temples

In all Religions this topic is spoken of. Through the Priest, Imam or preacher a massive amount of people can be reached and moved to do something since it is an important part of their Religion
Mohammad Beidas 6 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Reach friday for future community to support

Friday for Future is very popular at least in Germany and is about doing things for Earth. Respectively that its youth movement and it includes massive amounts of participants
Mohammad Beidas 6 months ago in Youth Engagement 0