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detailed waste management procedures which are implementable . As we have lot of vegetable & fruit peels, dry leaves failling especiall from september to jan ,electronic waste , leftover food, plastic , paper& cardboard etc.

if waste management is done effeciently with detailed flexible methodologies it becomes easy to bring awareness in people. committed groups for implementation and execution have to be formed. most of the people are interested in social work but th...
padmini s 6 months ago in  0

Meeting local farmers personally to create awareness.

Making one or more groups with local people who are ready to get involved in this movement; then meeting the farmers around our area to create awareness about saving the soil. Since farmers are the ones without whom this movement cannot be success...
Prashant J 6 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Creating a 3D video about current situation of our soil. And also the Comparison should be synthetic fertilizer vs natural fertilizer into the Soil

No description provided
Ganesh K 6 months ago in Social Media 0

Top Social Media feed on the website

We should add a Social Media(Twitter/Instagram) feed to the CP website and show the top conversations that people are engaging in. This would help people interact with the top handles on their own Social Media accounts.
Neerav Shah 6 months ago in Public Engagement 0

No malgastar agua potable innecesariamente

Por ejemplo con bebidas como cocacola, derivados , fanta naranja etc , donde llevan grandes cantidades de productos quimicos no necesarios para el cuerpo y se gastan milllones de litros de agua para esatas bebidas , si pudieramos llegar a ser cons...
pedro jaén valero 6 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Retirar el aluminio de los medicamentos

Todos los medicamentos llevan cantidades de láminas de aluminio que son perjudiciales para medio ambiente y que después van todas desechadas de cualquier manera , la industria farmacéutica si se le llega la idea podría hacer otro tipo de compuesto...
pedro jaén valero 6 months ago in Public Engagement 0

No gastar agua innecesariamente

Por ejemplo , en bebidas que no aportan nada y solo causan malestares en el cuerpo como son cocacola, fanta etcetc, se gastan millones de litros de agua para crear esas bebidas que despues no son nada sanas para el pudieramos llega...
pedro jaén valero 6 months ago in  0

WhatsApp Chanel

There are too many groups on WhatsApp, and some people may stay there more than necessary. And it also feels uncomfortable. I advise creating WhatsApp Chanel, where only admin can publish important news ecc.
Olena Baych 6 months ago in Tech Platforms 0


This platform is very good as database. It could be userful in all different stages: collecting email, automatization, scheduling events, and team coordination.
Olena Baych 6 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Build the Community on Facebook

The visibility of Facebook pages is not so good as it could be in a group. I believe we can build Facebook Community and ideate the challenges to keep the community alive.
Olena Baych 6 months ago in Public Engagement 0