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Reach out to Global Citizen leadership team and get them involved and/or support this movement as well.

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Guest 8 months ago in Partnerships 0

Metro magazine

My suggestion is to put a column/article/website and contact details in the Metro magazine. A lot of more people will have access.
Darshna Vadera 8 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Contact Dirk Steffens and documentary series „TerraX“ in German Public Tv (ZDF)

in Germany there is a documentary series named „TerraX“ on various issues of Nature, carefully researched and wonderfully presented by Dirk Steffens. (Scientifique Journalist, Wildlife filmmaker and Presenter of shows like X and Terra Adventure). ...
Guest 8 months ago in Partnerships 0

Start a petition on quoting all the indian and global authority

The petition will provide all the content from conscious planet website . As it will reach to more and more people. It will become imp for politicians across the world to include in their agenda. Apart from creating awareness ...
Guest 8 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Launch a call for a video rally made by supporters like "Agrarwende jetzt" Staffellauch -

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Anja Kramer 8 months ago in  0

Partnership with BioBoden Germany -

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Anja Kramer 8 months ago in Partnerships 0

Get paid for wet waste collected and deposited

we can collect kitchen waste from people and pay them rs.1 or so per 2-3 kg given by them. Create center were it can we collected and use the same as natural fertiliser.
Guest 8 months ago in Partnerships 0

Invitación a INTA a involucrarse en este movimiento (Instituto Nacional De Tecnologia Agropecuaria)(Argentina)

Me parece una gran idea invitar a distintas instituciones nacionales de distintas partes del mundo a unirse a este movimiento y... cualquier movimiento similar debería hacerlo también... porque hay que destacar siempre la idea y necesidad fundamen...
Guest 8 months ago in  0

Find ways to engage Adult-Industry Community

They have lot of engagement across the globe. Putting aside moral prejudices, we should also give them an equal opportunity to socially engage and participate, especially in these kind of socialogical & global movements. It would benefit them ...
Brian 8 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Promote online grocery delivery services that facilitate choosing more sustainable options

Grocery delivery services cut out many warehouses, and create less food waste. They are a centralized service that can help facilitate customers choosing healthier and more sustainable options, and if they are not perfect, they can be helped to im...
Fernando Estrella 8 months ago in Partnerships 1