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Get "" and other official, widely used links added to the exception rules determining autodelete functions at YouTube and other platforms that has such feature in their structure. If possible. I mean, there must be some people in there some place.

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Jakob Jensen 8 months ago in Social Media 0

Conserve Nature as a living museum and workshop.

Local People as the primitive knowledge scientiest and pfrofessoer. Who can be supported with updated technology.
Guest 8 months ago in Youth Engagement 0

Collaborate with Start+India Wall Mural company to paint graphics related Save Soil in some buildings of every city!

Here's a link to Start+India which are spreading messages through wall mural illustrations: If we can paint such mural illustrations in every street of the world or even on buildings near fa...
Guest 8 months ago in Partnerships 0

Collaborate with Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo

These food delivery apps are very popular. If they start using Conscious Planet & Save Soil logo in all their packaging, it will definitely garner humongous impact.
Guest 8 months ago in Partnerships 0

Permanent Hanging Air ballon in each city advertising save soil

everyone looking up in the sky from most parts will be able to look at it during anytime and this would act as a reminder everyday. It would benefit all sections of the society. It will have a wider reach
Surya Allampalli 8 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Make a conscious planet logo printed on t-shirts

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Krish Ghosh 8 months ago in Videos / Creatives 0

Support from Media especially news channels by showing small videos it has impact of reaching masses

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Guest 8 months ago in  0

Top Movie starts like Amithab Bachan Ji, Sachin Tendulkar or other regional movie stars could be part of such campaign to help kick start.

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Guest 9 months ago in  0

Contact Cuca Roseta - Singer

Cuca Roseta is a portuguese singer. She sings Fado, a unique portuguese music style. She is also a devoted yoga practitioner as you may see in her instagram account : @cucaroseta, Would be interesting if she c...
Guest 9 months ago in Influencers 0

Deposition of Global Contaminates

Dear Conscious Planet, Protecting the nutrient and organic matter in soil is important and I support that. But there are also other threats to soil. I believe chemical contamination is one of the greatest threats to soils. How good is rich nut...
Guest about 1 month ago in  0