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Connect with like minded institutions.

You can add the name of institutions or campaigns who have similar mindset likeMarch for science Fridays for future
Rudrakant Sollapur 11 months ago in Partnerships 3

A Conscious Planet iIcon/ Web Seal for Website Owners

A Conscious Planet icon/web seal for website owners to put into the website's header/footer and link back to, to promote the Conscious Planet Movement among the visitors. What is needed: a) in a basic way, a Conscious Planet lo...
Guest 10 months ago in Tech Platforms 0

Strategy to communicate and convince influencers

Sadhguru should be seen as an influential person who can communicate the need for a change in developing countries and can convince people to care about desertification. People from UK, Germany, France, etc. might not feel the urgency of soil degr...
Martin Krech 10 months ago in Influencers 1

Mud challenge (Like water bucket challenge etc.)

Someone covering themselves in mud and challenging others.
Aaron Lohberg 10 months ago in Videos / Creatives 0

Save Soil placards on fruits/vegetable carts and super markets

Fruits / Vegetable carts moving around in the city can be a good marketing to reach the message to localities. We can add per fruit message, eg. ‘Save Soil, do it for the oranges’
Lokesh Kumar 7 months ago in Social Media 0

Let's start allowing donations to happen

this movement will need more money, more managers, move employees, more volunteers, more promotion... More of everything... To do so the Conscious Planet movement will need donations on it's own... Many people in the future will join the movement ...
Alessandro Manuele Motta Brito 9 months ago in Partnerships 1

Create new cryptocurrency with smart blockchain to ensure that project is lucrative. We need to marry economy&ecology otherwise nothing will happen.

We can create new cryptocurrency which is through smartcontract linked to outside world. More fertile soil=more money. So, every coin you own is 1m2 of soil regenerated. We can create Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (google it) and all can p...
Mario 10 months ago in Tech Platforms 1

Contact the scouting organisation to reach youth, almost every European country has scouting groups. (Internationally good for 50 million children).

Create awareness among children all over Europe. Interconnected as an international movement. Scouts already have an interest in nature, they showed up at the global climate conference as well. They can help spread awareness, locally - nationally ...
Guest 10 months ago in Youth Engagement 0

In UK, raise awareness in universities and to as many students who are passionate.

If students feel strongly about this issue about soil it will surely cause a wave. Contact as many universities as possible to see if it's possible to have flyers and leaflets distributed in universities or if volunteers can do a short presentatio...
Jyoti Vara 10 months ago in Youth Engagement 0

Directly talk to the minister concerned in UK

I work for the civil service and the ministerial pressure works on the government. On on hand media and environmental organisations can be geared up, simultaneously the minister should be briefed with scientific backing.
Guest 10 months ago in Influencers 0