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create school programs

define few conditions and by fulfilling them schools will become "conscious planet schools". for example: 20hours of school time per semester dedicated to the "save soil" theme, visiting local farms with students, creating school gardens, "where c...
Zuzana VA 9 months ago in Youth Engagement 0

Connect with Vandana Shiva

She is well known abroad from India and highly recognized by organic farmers
Elisabeth Braun 10 months ago in Partnerships 1

Save air which we are not breathing lunges full off oxygen, and the reason behind this is about only virus viral fever on the reason for breathing carbon dioxide gas in to the lungs so that please save the air which is capable to breathe lungs full of oxygen.

It is all about saving our younger generation for the future growth that we have to identify as soon as possible, think about where we are living, how we are living, why we are living, in these air
Guest 7 months ago in Events 0

Supplying of Merchandise like T-Shirts, Stickers for Cars, etc...

T-Shirts with logo of "conscious planet - safe soil"
Manfred Probst 8 months ago in Reach 1 million volunteers 0

Get endorsements from prominent academic institutions and scientific organisations

Ecological subjects get extra weight and attention when it's endorsed and supported by scientific community and academia. There is already good amount of evidence for soil depletion happening across many countries. So getting the scientific commun...
Guest 11 months ago in Partnerships 1

Planet Earth grand slam

If we are able to get in touch with Novak Djokovic and tell him about the project, hopefully he would agree to organize a tennis tournament with the theme: conscious planet. Safari has already given an interview for the magazine "Original" whose o...
Guest 10 months ago in Influencers 2

Create Save the Soil T-shirts, I Am Earth Buddy, I Am Earth Champions, I Am Earth Ambassadors or Save the Soil T-shirts,Sell T-shirts to movement we can use funds to host various save the soil events, Like Teach Children how to Vermicompost at Home n Urban Areas ofUSA

everybody can get in on this awareness young n old with T-shirts we communicate most information that way now in urban areas, If We help bring Awareness by Raising Funding to HelpUrban Areas to Create Vermicompost Buns At home in ther various kitc...
Shyrada Dirkans 8 months ago in Reach 1 million volunteers 0

Create a 'before food' prayer regarding soil

Can we ask Sadhguru to create an invocation/prayer expressing gratitude towards soil / farmer which everyone can call before eating, especially kids. It will be a good intimate way of connecting with soil.
Lokesh Kumar 7 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Trade fair Agritechnica in Hannover - Almost 500k professional visitors in March 22

The worls leading trade fair for agricultural technology is happening from 27 February to 5 March 2022 in Hanover. Almost half a million visitors and all the big companies which deal with agriculture will be present. This might be a good oportunit...
Martin Krech 10 months ago in Partnerships 1

Partner with Brazilian musicians who have been singing to raise awareness about preserving the environment and the Amazon

I suggest to contact „Voz da Floresta“, which is movement of Brazilian Musicians to raise aware to the need to protect the Amazon Forest. They recorded a beautiful song: This is a poetic-musical video manifesto in defe...
Guest 10 months ago in Events 1