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Organize a team for reception on site

Organize a team for reception of Sadhguru on site where is going to pass. Would be interesting to contact other moto riders on sites that could follow him during a part of the route with flags for conscious planet on the bikes, it could be extende...
Guest 10 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Add syllabus to secondary & higher secondary schools

Add syllabus for youth, about soils values and planet importance in life.
Khushi Dodiya 9 months ago in Youth Engagement 1

we have to make more animated video on soil becoming a tree and we becoming soil for future gen

small children at school and upcoming generaTION
Guest 7 months ago in Videos / Creatives 0

Raise the children to cultivate the land. Encourage them to be plant biologist, knowledgable gardners.

The children are our future, and many of them might naturally like growing plants, but it must be presented to them like any other profession.
Guest 8 months ago in Youth Engagement 0

Look for volunteers who are members of "conscious eating" social media groups.

People interested in vegetarian, vegan and healthy eating will be attracted to the Conscious Planet focus on soil to food connection. We can attract lots of volunteers from these types of social media groups.
Guest 10 months ago in Reach 1 million volunteers 0

Contact "no-till" farmers organisations and equipment manufacturers about CP movement

Some companies specialize in selling low environmental impact farming machinery (known as no-till in the US) and some farmers groups are focused on no-till methods (e.g Publish articles about Conscious Planet in their trade jou...
Guest 10 months ago in Partnerships 1


get in touch with agroforestry unions / interest groups to support and involve in campaigns example Thomas Domain in Germany finally also growing in Germany - agroforestry - improves soil quality and supports growth and yields under changing and c...
Sonya 10 months ago in Partnerships 0

Reaching out to admins of meme pages with considerable following.

Since most of the current generation spends considerable time on memes and in a way gets to know about various events and happenings in the world through meme itself. It'd be easy to pass information related to this campaign to this generation and...
Guest 7 months ago in Social Media 0

Contact the University for Soil in Vienna (Universität für Bodenkultur) I have contact that has studied there, will ask her if she can join for researcher team
Guest 11 months ago in Partnerships 3

SaveSoil Instagram / Facebook & Social Media Sticker

SaveSoil Instagram / Facebook & Social Media Sticker... Available for Worldwide Users...
WeNatural Store 7 months ago in Social Media 0