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Social Media Post: For every country a traditional food picture can be shared; "Without Soil No xxx- Mysore Pak"

A very well known traditional food picture can be shared "without soil no xxx" (For example; for India Mysore Pak), For another country; that country's traditional food can be written
Burcu 10 months ago in Social Media 0

Promote the Organic lable, the ISO 26 000 label for Social Responsibility and the upcoming AgriLIFE label for responsible farming

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Maria Simsky 12 months ago in Public Engagement 1

Involve Doutzen Kroes - Dutch model

Doutzen is a well known international model, 7 million followers on Insta. On her Insta she shares a lot about consciousness, spirituality, speak up the truth, what is most needed now etc. If she will be emotionally touched by CP, she will be happ...
Sabine Wiggers - van den Berg about 1 year ago in Influencers 0

Go to Joe Rogan's Podcast

JRE is one of the world's most-watched/listened to podcast show on youtube and Spotify. Joe Rogan is respected for his insightful conversations and the reach his podcast has in the general public. If Sadhguru is able to have even a single podcast ...
Chirag Dhiman 10 months ago in Influencers 0

Invite Big celebrities And do Bigger level Marketing so young generation can understand the importance of Soil.

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Guest 10 months ago in  0

Change Email Settings to include Every Outgoing Email Signature with logo, Caption on Save-Soil.

Daily we send 100s of personal and business emails. Please change your email signature in email settings to include something like below:75 year fertilizers usage killed our Top soil + Water Crisis = No Food for our Childfren in 20 years, Visit Co...
Jayaram Maddireddy 10 months ago in Social Media 1

usage of social media and posting about "save soil movement" and collabrating with international NGOs

Its easy to expand awareness base about "save soil movement" through personal accounts, pages(including responsible troll pages to convey in a humourous way), through local celebrities. forming regional zones consisting active volunteers working w...
vinay kumar 9 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Create or Suggest an Ad on Conscious Planet / save the Soil in the upcoming Superbowl 2022

Tom Brady could use his influence to suggest an ad or awarness video on Conscious Planet / save the Soil in the upcoming Superbowl 2022. this will help spread the message to 3/4 th of the American population.
asha vin 10 months ago in Events 0

contact all big influencing and rich people to get them on board. For example Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Barak Obama, sir Richard Branson etc etc etc etc

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Maria De Haan 12 months ago in  0

Request YOUTUBE CEO to put Conscious Planet video as soon as YOUTUBE opens at the ad that comes at the very top,let,s say atleast for one week.

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Guest 11 months ago in Tech Platforms 0