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"Conscious planet save soil" Logo printed on every product package in the world

Patner with companies and governments around the world, to make the conscious planet save soil Logo printed in every product package. This will trigger individuals every time they buy a product and conscious planet movement will be a household and...
abhishek subedi 11 months ago in Partnerships 3
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Collaborate with Schools and Colleges/Universities to join Conscious Planet- Save Soil movement

Namaskaram Everyone, There are so many schools and colleges in a cites/towns to whom we can contact and include them to be a part of Conscious Planet movement. We can contact the teachers/Professors/principal of schools and colleges where we studi...
Shivani #Save Soil 10 months ago in Partnerships 2
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connect with conscious artists

reach out with the information and idea of the project to conscious music/others artists, if they see the possibility they might put it in their songs and arts so 'concsious planet' gets more visible overall. ideas for people: - samy deluxe (ger...
Guest 12 months ago in Influencers 5
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Partner With Elon Musk on Conscious Planet

Elon Musk is known for his efforts in making sustainable ways for humans to live their lives. I believe with his voice and funding he could make a big difference with Conscious Planet's mission.
Jarret WoonSam 11 months ago in Partnerships 3
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Translated Material

create translated content so that Sadhguru’s message can reach more widely
Guest 12 months ago in Reach 1 million volunteers 0
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coorporate with permaculture scene

permaculture is all about conscious organisation of lifes basics aiming ecological, community and healty lifestyle aspects. The movement is hughe, many Instagram influencers, local projects and to mention 'GEN'- global ecovillage network.
Guest 12 months ago in Partnerships 2
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Contact environmental organizations to align in the project

Non profit organizations engaged in environmental issues have access to volunteers engaged in this kind of actions and they could help reach out to them
Guest 12 months ago in Reach 1 million volunteers 1
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Create a live map of Sadhguru’s journey across Europe.

This interactive map shows in real time the line across Europe where Sadhguru is riding his motorcycle. Along the way small icons are placed, when clicked on, we can see short video clips of each location filmed by Isha volunteers using iPhone. Ea...
Kedarnath Truijens 12 months ago in Events 3
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Raise the voices of farming groups

if we were able to organize Q&As from farmers, this could go a long way to helping them better understand Sadhguru’s message.
Guest 12 months ago in Public Engagement 2
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Awareness in Schools

These awareness must start from very young age through clubs to spread as a massive movement as years pass by.
Guest 11 months ago in Youth Engagement 1