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coorporate with permaculture scene

permaculture is all about conscious organisation of lifes basics aiming ecological, community and healty lifestyle aspects. The movement is hughe, many Instagram influencers, local projects and to mention 'GEN'- global ecovillage network.
Guest 5 months ago in Partnerships 2
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Contact environmental organizations to align in the project

Non profit organizations engaged in environmental issues have access to volunteers engaged in this kind of actions and they could help reach out to them
Guest 6 months ago in Reach 1 million volunteers 1

Collaborate with Corporate Companies| Business in Conscious Planet- Save Soil Movement as a part of CSR activity

Namaskaram Everyone! Idea here is to get the Corporate Companies and Businesses involved in the Conscious Planet- Save Soil Movement as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). By involving the Corporate Companies and Businesses will help t...
Shivani #Save Soil 3 months ago in Partnerships 0
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Raise the voices of farming groups

if we were able to organize Q&As from farmers, this could go a long way to helping them better understand Sadhguru’s message.
Guest 5 months ago in Public Engagement 2

Mondial action to support Sadhguru

Hello Earth Buddies, I would like to propose an idea of action to support all of our wonderful Sadhguru's ones. The idea is that all the Earth Buddies (and not only them!), approximately 3,5 billions of persons (if the goal is reached, which...
Guest about 1 month ago in Events 5

Engage people to eat organic products and value what they eat.

For people to take care of and conserve the soil, we first have to change the value of its product: food in all its forms. Learn to savor it, enjoy it and understand that it is a non-negotiable in our lives and the lives of our future children.
Guest 3 months ago in Social Media 1

Created Save Soil Video to spread awareness About it on Youtube

Maybe my idea is small but I am trying to spread about #savesoil into my channel The SSL Show. Hope You guys will also show your support to this animated Video, as kids love animation videos so we wanted to let them know about #savesoil. Here is t...
Prateek Malhotra 20 days ago in Videos / Creatives 0

World Cup Qatar 2022 and Save Soil

The World Cup is one of the most viewed events in the world and has an incredible Unifying Force. Especially due to the ongoing situation in the world, this world cup is going to be extra special. Each year the world cup has an official song featu...
Henry Luk 3 months ago in Events 0

An executive from Air India asked Sadhguru how he can be of assistance ; they can print save soil messages on their boarding passes

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Guest 3 months ago in  0

Rap Soil Song

This is a song I wrote, see the video below :) Oh Soil We are gathering to protect you Oh Soil, how important are you, And how we, humans, are mistreating you Oh Soil, oh you, if you just disappear, No future is holding for us No animals, no child...
Lucila Vieira about 2 months ago in Videos / Creatives 1