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Connect with local farmers associations

We need the support of the farmers in every country to really make a change. Also, this is the group that is most influential and involved with the soil in every country. The German Bauernverband should be provided wi...
Kathrin Kirsch about 1 year ago in Public Engagement 1

Redesigning the "Conscious Planet" logo

The current logo is hardly readable and feels too heavy. It is as if the word "conscious" doesn't unite with "planet", it rather goes against it. I would gladly assist in a new design. Apologies to the creators who did the current one and thank yo...
Stefan Kalapishev 12 months ago in Tech Platforms 7

Create Car Stickers

Create some nice car stickers which volunteers can print and stick on their car/van. This way we are driving the word around, people will see it, start asking about it etc.
Sabine Wiggers - van den Berg about 1 year ago in Videos / Creatives 1

Sadhguru at Vatican

Any event, public talk or meeting Pope at Vatican can create buzz in the world.
Guest about 1 year ago in Events 0

Collaborate with Corporate Companies| Business in Conscious Planet- Save Soil Movement as a part of CSR activity

Namaskaram Everyone! Idea here is to get the Corporate Companies and Businesses involved in the Conscious Planet- Save Soil Movement as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). By involving the Corporate Companies and Businesses will help t...
Shivani #Save Soil 10 months ago in Partnerships 0

Partner with existing EU projects and initiatives on Soil protection and regeneration

Let's partner with already existing Soil movements which are undergoing in Europe, to create resonance and get heard better! Recent EU Soil Deal: EU project - Soil obs...
Maria Simsky 12 months ago in Partnerships 2

Collaborate with Fridays for Future movement

Fridays for Future is a youth environmental movement, that has a lot of following all over Europe. In collaborating with them there could be a massive amount of people Sharing content and spreading awareness.
Guest about 1 year ago in Partnerships 2

Making organic products more accessible and moderate price

People get confused of identifying organice from chemically treated stuff. Also price of organic stuff is not affordable for common people. Government through privatisation should do some arrangements to get it done.
Guest 9 months ago in Reach 1 million volunteers 2

Special Song for Concious Planet/ Competition for the lyrics on social media

Lets make a special song only for Concious Planet. So that wherever or by whomever it is heard, we are reminded of the project. Let it be sang by famous artists and celebrities all over the world along with Sadhguru !!! Let it become number one hi...
zeynep 12 months ago in Events 6

Spread the knowledge about effective microorganisms

Spread the word about effective microorganisms. They can be used by everyone from farmers with large areas of land to private individuals at home.They are easy and cheap to produce in home conditions from bio waste.Large agricultural organizations...
Guest 12 months ago in Social Media 3