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World Cup Qatar 2022 and Save Soil

The World Cup is one of the most viewed events in the world and has an incredible Unifying Force. Especially due to the ongoing situation in the world, this world cup is going to be extra special. Each year the world cup has an official song featu...
Henry Luk 9 months ago in Events 0

Compost collection bins in neighborhood

There is so much vegetable and fruit peels waste everyday that goes in trash cans. Compost bins should be placed in every neighborhood and community building.
Guest 10 months ago in Public Engagement 1

Collaboration with Greenpeace organisation in different countries

No description provided
Daria Leonova 12 months ago in Partnerships 1

Collaborate with Gaia.Com is a source of conscious media that states its aim is to be there to help anyone who strives to expand their consciousness and look deeper into themselves and their purpose on this planet. One of the influencers @blueofearth is doing paid...
Stevan Kospetin about 1 year ago in Partnerships 2

Partner with packaging companies so that every package has save the soil logo and QR code to join the movement the

It will have a tremendous reach if every food /product package has the conscious planet logo and the QR code to join the movement
Guest 11 months ago in Partnerships 1

Trending hashtag CONSCIOUS PLANET on twitter.:)

No description provided
Dominik Kocevar 12 months ago in Social Media 2

SAVE Soil logo printed on food delivery packaging

Every day millions of people order food via delivery apps. While getting the food if the message triggers that the soil need to be preserved to be able to get clean food in future everybody needs to take the responsibility. There will be an instan...
Guest 10 months ago in Public Engagement 1

Short stories and animations

create short stories and animations designed to target youth with Sadhguru’s message.
Guest 12 months ago in Youth Engagement 0

Create a Conscious Planet Europe forum with top 440 business groups from 44 countries in Europe

There is always a 90:10 principle, as 10% of business groups contribute to 90% revenues (GDP) of the country and the targeting them; the Conscious planet movement would spread among the people in that country. They would be influencers in the coun...
Sreenivasa Pothireddi 12 months ago in Partnerships 0

Design Free Meditation Course dedicated to soil.

Design a free meditation course that lets people experience soil and its importance and connection to their body. Initiate people into soil meditation.
abhishek subedi 11 months ago in Events 0