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Tiktok challenges for youth generation

To talk about soil in Tiktok in playful way for teenagers.
Daria Leonova 7 months ago in Social Media 0

Partner with packaging companies so that every package has save the soil logo and QR code to join the movement the

It will have a tremendous reach if every food /product package has the conscious planet logo and the QR code to join the movement
Guest 6 months ago in Partnerships 1

What about Greta Thunberg?

Greta Thunberg is THE face of youth enviornmental activism. Although fridays for future can be critiqued in some ways, a meet between Sadhguru and Greta could widen the range towards young audiences tremendously. This meeting would benefot from an...
Guest 7 months ago in Influencers 3

Create workshop for kindergarten/pre-school teachers to ensure awareness raising among members of the youngest generation

Create content and toolkit (films, cartoons, illustrated books, board games, roleplays) for kindergarten teachers and train them to introduce the topic of soil>life>food>life>soil cycle among 4-6-year old children. Children would be se...
Kinga Groh 7 months ago in Youth Engagement 3

Youtube plays save-soil message before every video on a special date

As we know large % of world population watch YouTube
Phaneendra N 4 months ago in Social Media 0

Distribute CP flyers at your local organic market or farmer's market

Farmer's markets, organic famer's market and local weekly markets happen in many cities across europe every week. Consumers and producers who frequent these markets are likely to be very positive the CP message. Need info packs and trained CP veeras
Guest 7 months ago in Public Engagement 1

Collaboration with Greenpeace organisation in different countries

No description provided
Daria Leonova 7 months ago in Partnerships 1

Design Free Meditation Course dedicated to soil.

Design a free meditation course that lets people experience soil and its importance and connection to their body. Initiate people into soil meditation.
abhishek subedi 6 months ago in Events 0

Hello World -> Save Soil

"Hello World" is the first program which a person learning any new framework/language creates. We can talk to the main learning portals, especially the Open Source world, who are passionate about such causes and ask them to change it to 'Save Soil...
Lokesh Kumar 4 months ago in Tech Platforms 2

#Devi and her significance in the whole universe creation...

#Devi, Linga Bhairavi #Devi and her significance in the whole universe creation... Devi's way of enlightenment happened in such a dedicated surrender of her, to Shiva. While Shiva stands perfectly in tune with the God's intent, who is the...
Guest 9 days ago in Public Engagement 0