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Call on all ashrams, yoga studio, teachers and practitioners to support the movement.

It does not matter what king of yoga you practice, but there are hundreds of thousands yogi’s in the world. If they support us and start talking. We that would make a huge difference. Call on all ashrams, yoga studios, online channels in the world...
Guest 7 months ago in Reach 1 million volunteers 1

Top 10 youtubers in the world should post video on 'Save Soil' movement

Youtube is one of the powerful medium to reach billions of people faster. Therefore the top 10 Youtubers should talk about this movement 'Save Soil' . It will really impact their subscribers. Action is possible through these awareness videos .
Karthikeyan Kalyanakumar 5 months ago in Influencers 1

A letter from Sadhguru to over 11 million Volunteers of ISHA

We know that ISHA has over 11 million registered Volunteers, if Sadhguru can send a letter to them, about the #SaveSoil movement, what it means to him and how the Volunteers can contribute - it will be a great booster to the movement, only if the ...
Praful Kedia 6 months ago in Reach 1 million volunteers 1

Encouraging urban framing as formal mode of economic activity

we can design our built environment such that person living within specified area can grow their food within nearest community area. Urban planning policy is required to give importance to promote urban agriculture. People should be assigned for t...
Guest 5 months ago in Influencers 0

Talk to the dutch ministers of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality / Climate and economics

These ministers are called Henk Staghouwer and Stef Blok. They have been installed on the 10th of January and they will be working for 4 years on farming and climate in the netherlands. It will be good to get them inspired at the beginning of thei...
Sandra Meijer 7 months ago in Influencers 2

Germany: contacting green party ministers

In germany the new government has 5 Ministers from the green party, a party with ecological ambitions. Also the minister for agriculture and nourishment. Contacting them and informing them about our movement and maybe even arranging a conversatio...
Aaron Lohberg 9 months ago in Influencers 1

Make organic options accessible and affordable for everyone, from farmers to consumers.

Exposure to chemical pesticides, fertilizers and insecticide deteriorates soil quality as well as consumer’s health. Even if one wants to go organic they are too hard to get – and to pay for. The root causes are: Geographical barriers is an obstac...
Madhu Chandrasekaran 6 months ago in Public Engagement 2

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Since almost every young person today is drawn towards corporate jobs, we should connect with the corporate world itself and convince them to take this cause as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and encourage their workforce to volunteer and...
Anuj Vats 7 months ago in Youth Engagement 1

Connect with the British Society of Soil Science.

The society promotes both research and education. They aim to build collaborative partnerships. They are hosting the World Congress of Soil Science in Glasgow 31/7/22-5/8/22.
Guest 8 months ago in Partnerships 1

Ask Sadguru Musicians and Actor fans to create a "Save Soil" video

Bring Will Smith together with other Sadguru Artist fans to co-create a music/informative "Save Soil" video!... to then share with all their fans on their social media platforms.
Guest 6 months ago in Videos / Creatives 0