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Partnership with regenerative farming institutes

We should set up partnerships with Savory institute & others that are already working on regenerative farming. Here is the link for Savory institute:
Guest 8 months ago in Partnerships 1

Created Save Soil Video to spread awareness About it on Youtube

Maybe my idea is small but I am trying to spread about #savesoil into my channel The SSL Show. Hope You guys will also show your support to this animated Video, as kids love animation videos so we wanted to let them know about #savesoil. Here is t...
Prateek Malhotra 4 months ago in Videos / Creatives 0

Move this idea page leaderboard to home page of

Trending sections attract user attention and lead to higher engagement. Please move the idea leaderboard (top 5 or 10 ideas) to the homepage.
Lokesh Kumar 5 months ago in Public Engagement 0

Sadhguru and Bill Gates

Sadhguru could meet with Bill Gates, who has already written a book about the planet> "How to Avoid a Climate Disaster". They could fix together a programme also about the soil.
Alexandra Hinkel 8 months ago in Partnerships 1

Rally For Conscious Planet campaign vehicle stickers & merchanise

Print large panel sized stickers for the campaign to adorn vehicle doors and bonnets/hoods. Create T shirts, sweatshirts, Tote bags ...
Debbie Riley 9 months ago in  2

Sadhguru in Europe Flower Festivals

Following are the Flower Festivals happening in Europe in Spring. Any footages of Sadhguru in these locations, talking about these places or organising an event in these location will have maximum reach. It would be perfect places to talk about so...
Bini Chandran 9 months ago in Videos / Creatives 0

Saving the rainforest of South Amerika by making a living chain of people thats protect it and planting trees while living from the land.

Why it is usefull and what are the bennefits? -It is usefull for so manny reasons and having so manny bennefits for everybody. -It is good for the soil -It protects the eco system that is still left there. -It protects the trees and the annima...
Guest 4 months ago in Partnerships 0

Motivate Disney/any animation company to create a short film/musical about saving soil

I find myself listening to Disney songs for over two decades. They have one of the most tremendous influences over the every age group and especially children. Just look at any song from their recent movie Encanto. It has over 70 million views. We...
Pinak Bheed 7 months ago in Reach 1 million volunteers 1

Animated video showing soil being converted into food and into our bodies and body again going back in soil so that people see this connection between soil and our body visually

No description provided
Arnav Agarwal 7 months ago in Videos / Creatives 0

Involve local green projects and foundations

No description provided
Yvonne Rakhorst 9 months ago in Reach 1 million volunteers 0