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Save Soil Movement Ideas
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Created by Sharad Aggarwal
Created on Nov 17, 2021

Come up with University events

Youth are going to be a key driver for something like this and we need to engage with them directly. Would be great for Sadhguru to have a University event in each country.

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  • Raina Georgieva-Talkington
    Jan 18, 2022

    Just yesterday as part of the "Building a Sustainable Knowledge Infrastructure on Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP)" conference I listened to two blocks on bringing change and innovation in the process of collaboration between scientists and people, and policy makers. Collaboratios between people and univiersities, starting with a conference, a forum, where problems could be targeted, lead to the formulation of viable projects with great impact, then citizens really like to bring a change and they do so as volunteers by not even engaging with institutions. Both people and policy makers need the science to be translated and related to a "real" problem. Reaching to universities in every country would bring change. So whoever is in charge locally to collaborationm, should call, send e-mails, hel organize a joint event between scientists and people to 1st formulate the problem and divide it into subproblems, then 2nd to think of solutions, including projects aimed at analysing all of the sources of the problem, projects with citizens participation and not just young and wealthy, but diverse groups of people in order to have impact. This is why may be some financing should be provided locally to make sure the poor and uneducated could be involved too. At the end the universities could publish papers and create more science, the regular men and women feel better about the impact and contribution and the final goal- to save the soil, closer.