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Save Soil Movement Ideas
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Created by Lucila Vieira
Created on Mar 22, 2022

Rap Soil Song

This is a song I wrote, see the video below :)

Oh Soil

We are gathering to protect you

Oh Soil, how important are you,

And how we, humans, are mistreating you

Oh Soil, oh you,

if you just disappear,

No future is holding for us

No animals, no children, not even plants

No oceans, no rivers, and no lands

Are possible without your nourishing hands

A journey has started,

hold on, we are on a hurry

Please, hold on,

as we see your suffering

Through our own misery, lack of sensibility

We are working together to spread responsibility

More inner engineering is what we need

We shall stop changing the outside, is what it is

More inner engineering is what we need

Please, look inside yourself and create from within

Raise your voice with consciousness

To create a Conscious Planet

We´re earth buddies doing our best,

be sure we are passionate about it x2

´Cause no life for us without you

´cause no rise of the sun on our eyes

no more being in LOVE

with the mystic moonlight

Oh, how tragic we are,

without your magic hands

You are bright, divine,

You unify,

beside the worldwide fight,

we are always by your side,

on you we can rely,

get excited,

on you, our faith resides,

we sleep tight

cause we know you supply

and invite us to live fully fleshed

by your side

You guide, provide, ignite the fire,

Without you, we get no higher

Only with you, we can light brighter

You can also find this song on the following video:

Source of the Music: "(FREE) mac miller type beat "reflections" 2021", Prod. by chillimadebeats

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  • Bhanu Pratap Singh Bais
    Mar 29, 2022

    Brilliant Rap.