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Save Soil Movement Ideas
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Created on Apr 9, 2022

Saving the rainforest of South Amerika by making a living chain of people thats protect it and planting trees while living from the land.

Why it is usefull and what are the bennefits? -It is usefull for so manny reasons and having so manny bennefits for everybody. -It is good for the soil -It protects the eco system that is still left there. -It protects the trees and the annimals -It protects native people that are still there. -It will feed people that live on the ground and give them a new space and way of living and give them connection with nature what makes them more happy. -Saving the rainforest and make the rainforest bigger cleans the air and is on that way also good for the climate. -When the people having propper food and having a purpose in live it will bring harmony. -It will be a good example for others. -it offers a lot of chances and opportunity for people to do something back for the soil that want to help with there hands. The land and soil will be rapaired. This and maby even more bennefits that i forgotten to wright down wright now. How should it work. -It should work on a way from what i did lurn from permaculture and naturefarming. -The idear is to make a chain of people living on the edge of the forest. So they can feed there selfs while planting trees eddible and native trees from the rainforest as well. So they will have everything what they need from there surrounding to live from. -They must also lurned to protect each other in this case from the people that working on the edge of the forest to cut and burn the trees with there big mashines. When we have a big groop of people there will be people that nows more about that. -we need to lurn how to live from primitive technologie and bush craft of from people that are good in this. -We need to lurn what kind of food like wild vegetables are edible. Specialy for people like me becose im a vegetarian and with planting food it must be posible but for survival in the beginning it can be hard and i dont want to harm the rainforest end keep it peacefully. And dont like to destirb it. We need also to find ways of drinkeble water and water for planting and growing trees and veggies. Maby we can also lurn from the natives how you could make tools and cloth for confort. -We need to communicate. in South Amerika they speak portugese and spanish and a lot of native languages but for communication it would be nice to lurn some languages next to english aswell. I sugest also to speak Esperanto becose it doesnt belong to a country and is universal. So than we could all feel equivelant. Probebly there can be a foundation for it for everything what is need it for creating and building this human protection like make it more possible for people to come and join and let them find the way to it. This forum save soil could also be a good way to reach a lot of people to inform and to recruit people. Look also at the fb groop rainforest protection alliance.
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