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Created on Nov 29, 2021

Ancient secrets of Latvia and the baltics

IF the goal of Sadhguru is increasing rivers and enriching soil, visiting Latvia is a must have! This small country in North East europe has over 12'000 rivers! And around 50% of the teritory is covered in forests. Certain plant, animal and insect species that are considered endangered in other regions thrive there.

Latvia was also one of the last countries to take up christianity, thou original "pagan'' roots never really disappeared. If ancient stories are to be believed in, then Latvian teritory should be filled with ancient mysticism. There are forests that are hundreds of years old. Elder trees that to this day are considered sacred and nobody dears to chop them down. Large, very massive sacred stones, that were used for worship and rituals.

There are alot of 'sacred spaces' that he might find interesting so in case he decides to visit one or few of them, he'd have to choose which one. I'd suggest the forest of '' Pokaiņi" and the blue mountain "Zilaiskalns"

When it comes to ancient latvian traditions, in case he's interested, there is a place called

"Lokstenes svētnīca" It's on a small island in Daugava river. It is home of "Dievturi" a.k.a Godholders (literal translation). They are a group of people that practice ancient rituals and celebrations. There also seems to be something similar to a linga on that island, but i do not know if it's a real linga or just a statue, in any case, people tend to dance around it.

In any case, if there is a descision to visit latvia, one thing he should definetly look at is the great sash ''Lielvārdes josta". It is a sort of "poem" of ancient symbols going in sync, inscribed on a sash. Usually red on white. Difficult to create for those who try.

WARNING: In eastern europe BE CAREFUL on the roads, especaly in latvia. Animals tend to cross, mostly at night.

In any case, im glad he's visiting europe. Good luck! And safe trip!

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