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Save Soil Movement Ideas
Categories Youth Engagement
Created by Milind Badgujar
Created on Jun 28, 2022

Clear pure soil from vegitable root or remove root before sale in the market.

Vegitable root soil.

It's common habit in everyone that we always removes vegitables roots and then use for meal. But have we obsered there is a pure soil attached to vegitable root and that we are westing day to day in tons and tons. If we run campain and educate to farmers to remove the root while selling them in market. Because there is no value for buyer and seller but if you could cut it and put it garbage are where your adding day to day cow, bufellow dung.

Potato, garlic, ground nuts, sweet potato attached soil.

Every day so many potato truck loads and unload in the markt during that if you see there is big amount of good soil is remain and they throw it to the garbeg and that garbeg is going to mulcipality dumpping yard area.

Need to run campain to educate farmers.

Need to create a goverment rules for farmers and market buyers.

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  • Guest
    Jul 5, 2022

    It's good idea,

  • Milind Badgujar
    Jun 28, 2022

    I think we need a small team where we could collect good data and submit to goverment the offices.