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Save Soil Movement Ideas
Categories Youth Engagement
Created by Kinga Groh
Created on Dec 5, 2021

Create workshop for kindergarten/pre-school teachers to ensure awareness raising among members of the youngest generation

Create content and toolkit (films, cartoons, illustrated books, board games, roleplays) for kindergarten teachers and train them to introduce the topic of soil>life>food>life>soil cycle among 4-6-year old children. Children would be sensitised to the topic early on, so that the first generation of conscious post-modern era consumers could be created. Children could pass on what they learn at kindergarten/pre-school to their parents and grandparents and could make an impatct in their homes to make it become a responsible household. By creating the first planet-conscious generation we would ensure the ones to follow. But untill then, we need this retro-active effect in education, meaning that younger generations must teach their ancerstors. Thanks to digitalisation, adults today have to accept more and more that younger generations can have better skills in certan fields, and are very much able to teach them if they want to listen. Every parent would like to seem wise and set a good example for their children. And most of all they love their children. So they would listen to them more than they would listen to politicians or activists. This is why children today have a huge potential to educate not only the generation following them but, most importantly and most urgently, the one preceding them. We must absolutely harness this potential!

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  • Eduard Fassel
    Feb 3, 2022

    A quiz has already been created by a switzerland site:

    It looks quite comprehensive, with two levels, single/multiple answers, mentioning a wide range of desert-topics - eventually worth translating!

  • Kinga Groh
    Dec 6, 2021

    Hello Sharad,

    Unfortunately I am not involved in education as a professional, but would have ideas whom to contact. Maybe Directorate General for the Environment and/or DG Education and Culture of the European Commission. Sadhguru might even harness his contacts to the UN. I imagine some environment professionals working out the content, education and creative professionals working on carriers that would be part of the toolkit. I am, of course, happy to help with what I can do (looking for contacts in the European Commission where I work, translating content into Hungarian, my mother tongue.) Let me know if you have ideas where to start.

  • Admin
    Sharad Aggarwal
    Dec 6, 2021
    I think it's a wonderful idea. Would you be able to help in executing it.