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Save Soil Movement Ideas
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Created by zeynep
Created on Dec 6, 2021

Special Song for Concious Planet/ Competition for the lyrics on social media

Lets make a special song only for Concious Planet.

So that wherever or by whomever it is heard, we are reminded of the project.

Let it be sang by famous artists and celebrities all over the world along with Sadhguru !!!

Let it become number one hit of the world.

We can start a competion for the lyrics of the song on social media!!!!

i have scribbled some words as a suggestion for a song, i am sure there are many out there who can write things much better than me. There is also Sounds of Isha and many other artists that are Isha meditators who can compose for the lyrics. I am not an artist in anyway but i wanted to share this words that i have scribbled to take the first step :)

i would be so happy if anyone of us would like to use this words for Concious Planet Project. And it would be so great if some of you share your own lyrics, which could be a song for OUR SOIL even if there would be no competition. Thank you all. i am open and willing to hear any suggestions.

ps:i am not a native english speaker, so most probably there are some mistakes.


Oh Mother Earth

Your cry we heard

Hoping that it is not to late

We decide to cooperate

And take action for your sake

Let us revert our mistake

Oh Mother Earth

The very soil we hurt

Hoping it is not too late

Let us proof our respect

to the very soil which we neglect

Oh Mother Earth

From all over the World

Your cry we heard

So we come together

to save not only soil

but also ourselves which we hurt!