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Save Soil Movement Ideas
Categories Tech Platforms
Created by Mario
Created on Dec 6, 2021

Create new cryptocurrency with smart blockchain to ensure that project is lucrative. We need to marry economy&ecology otherwise nothing will happen.

We can create new cryptocurrency which is through smartcontract linked to outside world. More fertile soil=more money. So, every coin you own is 1m2 of soil regenerated. We can create Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (google it) and all can participate with their effort in that kind of organisation. Its like democracy organisation , but without parliament running beacuse of mathematicas is totally transparent and for free. Possibility is limitless. Anyway in 15year time world will run on that kind of protocol, because is uncuraptive system. Why not be one of the firts one and set an example of good practice?

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  • Divya Soni
    Mar 1, 2022
    I'm a CSE Student at NIT Warangal, India. Would you mind elaborating more on this idea? Would like to explore this. Please contact me at @thedivyasoni on Twitter.