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Save Soil Movement Ideas
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Created by Lisette Doesburg
Created on Dec 8, 2021

Youth planting trees along Sadhguru's Journey

Youth planting trees along Sadhguru's Journey

Conscious Planet is a Global Movement to initiate a conscious approach to soil and planet. The movement seeks to show governments of all nations that their citizens want a policy to revitalize soil and ecology. To activate and demonstrate the support of over 3 billion citizens, Sadhguru will be riding a motorcycle alone, 30.000 kilometers across 24 nations.

This idea is to make youth planting trees as many miles as Sadhguru will ride:

- Each tree will have a long lasting signboard with Conscious Planet information.

- When children plant a tree they are actively involved in saving the planet and when they are adults the tree is still there. The trees will mark Sadhguru's Rally Route from Europe to India: Sadhguru's path to the Ashram as a pilgrimage route for next generations.

- To make the planting of trees happen we can ask local volunteers for support to find schools in the cities and villages Sadhguru will visit.

- We want to focus on children of 10 years old. They can be the tree keepers with adult support.

They can have their online platform to meet each other.

- We can cooperate with other planting trees organizations, to donate trees.

- We can create a nice book about Conscious Planet to hand out to the children.

- Mark a Mile. We can collect money to make this happen when there is a calculation how much one tree will cost. People can donate one or more trees for every mile Sadhguru will travel.

Sadhguru said:

Give children a tree as a pet. It will stay longer than themselves

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  • Lisette Doesburg
    Jul 22, 2022

    This idea is sceduled as:
    Earth Buddies Tree Trail

    Frist tree will be planted in Amsterdam at 20th of August 2022. First etappe to Köln start at 21 september 2022.
    Please joiun us and see our instagram page to follow the trail or have a look at where you can mark a mile or donate a tree.

  • Eduard Fassel
    Jan 8, 2022

    I think this could be good actually, colaborating with an organisation that wants to plant trees, and has a concrete big project ready where, and then, when Sadhguru's journey starts, also the fundraising-campaign for the tree-planting-project starts (on an international fundraising-platform)! At the end of the trip also the campaign ends, and the number of given money for reforestation can be announced and handed over to the organisation

  • Eduard Fassel
    Jan 8, 2022

    I remember having supported a fundraising-campaign for planting trees/reforesting an area on the startnext-platform...

  • Guest
    Dec 26, 2021

    I can facilitate planting of trees in the Food Forest we are developing in Roosendaal, NL (, instagram: voedselbos_vierhoeven). Next to our production forest, we create an educational forest for kids/youth of 7000m2. Not only we have space, but more importantly: our mission fits the purpose op CP/Save our Soil for 100%!

  • Lisette Doesburg
    Dec 22, 2021

    In less than 72 hours, the #Youth4Climate hashtag had the potential reach of 3 out of every 10 internet users globally about the importance of climate action.

    1.4BPeople reached100+Countries talking about #Youth4Climate
    35K+Mentions42Different languages talking about #Youth4Climate 18.6K followers (Indonesia)

  • Lisette Doesburg
    Dec 16, 2021
  • Mihai Iahim
    Dec 8, 2021

    I voted against the obvious legal and logistical issues that need to be addressed. 30,000 trees every kilometer with thousands of bureaucratic problems. A blink of an eye on the road. If it succeeds, it will mean that we can do anything.

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