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Created on Dec 9, 2021

Planet Earth grand slam

If we are able to get in touch with Novak Djokovic and tell him about the project, hopefully he would agree to organize a tennis tournament with the theme: conscious planet. Safari has already given an interview for the magazine "Original" whose owner is Novak's wife.
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  • Guest
    Dec 10, 2021
    Planet Earth grand slam should be held in Serbia, preferably in a countryside next year. The time could be set in such a way that the winner receives the trophy from Sadhguru when he goes through Serbia during his rely. Hopefully Corona will be over by then!
  • Guest
    Dec 10, 2021
    Oh my god!!! How do I correct a typo? I wanted to write "Sadhguru has already given an interview" and it went out as Safari instead Sadhguru!!! 😇😅