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Created by Sandra Meijer
Created on Jan 10, 2022

Talk to the dutch ministers of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality / Climate and economics

These ministers are called Henk Staghouwer and Stef Blok. They have been installed on the 10th of January and they will be working for 4 years on farming and climate in the netherlands. It will be good to get them inspired at the beginning of their period as ministers so they may be of more help to the earth and thus us!

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  • Narayana KR
    Feb 17, 2022

    Netherlands is the pioneer with vast experience in in Nature, biodiversity & Environment protection and climate change mitigation at National & International level. The The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality deals with Nature protection. In 2021 the Environment and Planning Act is in force in the Netherlands. This Act combines and modernises laws for spatial planning, housing, infrastructure, the environment, nature and water in a single law. the government wants to preserve and, where possible, restore the Netherlands’ natural environment and biodiversity. The government is therefore keen to ensure that nature and biodiversity at both national and international level are sustainably managed.

  • Sandra Meijer
    Jan 10, 2022
    Sorry, I made a mistake: The minister for climate is rob Jetten.