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Save Soil Movement Ideas
Categories Public Engagement
Created by Adharsh Jayadevan
Created on Jan 24, 2022

Video coverage of farmers of South India about their crop productivity decline and its link with soil, preferably to be presented during MSR event

Farmers are they instant group who faces the after effects of soil degradation or its fertility decline. The last generation of farmers are particularly aware of this and they are also the living generation of farmers also. We can have a coverage of The soil fertility challenge they face and can be brought infront of the public, preferably on the grandest stage of MSR where millions watch. This is from the public to the public.

The initiative can continue from the respective zones having the zone wise social media platform. For eg - a particular zone of Tamil Nadu will have their own volunteers supporting with the coverage. An active social media platform can also run parallelly presenting their situation to the world.

Lastly if we can gather an N (Assuming to be large) number of farmers on the occasion where Sadhguru culminates his road journey at Cauvery basin, will serve its purpose to an extend.

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