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Save Soil Movement Ideas
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 11, 2022

Start up more community supported agriculture, CSA farms

CSA farms allow a producer to get paid in the beginning of season and can then both plan for and grow a variety of bags, knowing that they will have anough money already. The costumer and producer build a relationsship built on trust by time. The costumers want to support a local farmer. When the produce is finished, the costumers pick up usually a bag every week. In Sweden e.g. you would pay in december-february and pick upp approxiamately for 20 weeks with start in June. This is safe and costumer share the risk with the producer and become a part of nature more naturally because they also share the risk wth the farmer. The farmer does its best but if the crop fail for a reason, the consumer doesnät get any. If the farmer have success, the consumer will get more.

Having a farm as such myself, I know it was the only way for me to afford getting started!

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