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Save Soil Movement Ideas
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Created by Shivani #Save Soil
Created on Feb 12, 2022

Collaborate with Corporate Companies| Business in Conscious Planet- Save Soil Movement as a part of CSR activity

Namaskaram Everyone!

Idea here is to get the Corporate Companies and Businesses involved in the Conscious Planet- Save Soil Movement as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR).

By involving the Corporate Companies and Businesses will help to reach out to a larger number workforce who can volunteer in the conscious planet movement.

The involvement of the companies will enhance the message and involve a lot of people to become the part of initiative.

Below are the Ideas that Corporate Companies/ Businesses can practice to make the workforce/associates aware and get them involved to participate in the Conscious Planet - Save Soil Movement.

1) To Send Mailers about 'Save Soil' to the associates in the organization.

2) Organize Online Session (minimum 1 hour/biweekly) to make workforce aware about the initiative, which will help to reach out to maximum workforce.

3) (Sometimes the top position management of a company/business can be supporting a movement through social media but it might not reach to their own employee, it might be due to lack of awareness about the movement in employee. As the top position management are involved in the movement for a good cause, it should also reach to everyone working in the organization so they can also become part of the movement.)

The solution is : Almost every Corporate Company and Business have their own website for public and internal portal (news section) for the workforce, By displaying 'Save Soil' message on the main page (like a carousel) of the website and internal portal we can create awareness to maximum people inside and outside of the organization which will almost help the companies/businesses to include larger workforce to become a part of Save Soil movement.

4) Organize Event with Environmental experts to create awareness, provide training and educate the workforce as this knowledge will help the associates to contribute in the initiative in a much better way.

5) Involve the workforce to volunteer in the biweekly/monthly Tree plantation program.

6) As a CSR initiative, Companies/Businesses can reach out to Farmers, provide them the information to make them aware about this initiative, help the Farmers to take Tree based agriculture, permaculture with organic farming supported/volunteered by Tree plantation program by workforce and Environmental experts which will help Farmers to Revitalize Soil and improve their economy too.

7) The workforce on their part can educate their families and friends about this movement which will help to reach out to more people.

Become Earth Buddy, Shar your ideas to #SaveSoil at

I am not an environment expert, but I am willing to be a part of the solution.

#EarthBuddy #ConsciousPlanet #EachOneReachOne #SaveSoilSaveLife #SaveSoil

Let's create a Conscious Planet #SaveSoil. Let's make it happen!

I Love You Sadhguru! Thank you Sadhguru for Everything!


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